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Time for more time.

If what is happening in israel is a surprise to anyone let's get a fresh reminder of what happened in the U.S. with Biden getting "elected" and realise that this whole thing of right and left is turning into a more clear picture of "those in favor of Hashem and His Torah" and the other side. so let's felect on the past, remeber that we stand for the sanctity of life and goodness and kiondness, and try our best to assist in the establishment of the sanhderin and all other things related to Hahsem's kingdom in this world.

If one processes the entire course of recent events, comments, and opinions, that I`m sending you as a paradigm shift, it doesn't become difficult.

One simply creates a dual-track.

  1. What they`ve done in Washington was a symbolic show of strength

  2. Washington now houses the swamp-creatures with their "President Biden", a fellow swamp-creature who they know wasn't elected Constitutionally.

  3. The Congress and Senate will protect them in their fortress against their fear of the people of America, whom, since they cheated and got caught, poses, in their mind, a threat.

  4. Washington is no-longer part of the U.S. Instead it has, like the Vatican, taken it`s place among the League of Nations, Corporate Billionaires, the U.N. WHO, English Monarchy, Republic of the Chinese People etc.

  5. Trump was elected by beating the algorhythms set in favor of Hillary in 2016.

  6. They readjusted in 2020 (according to Cyber-engineers, at a ratio of 1.2 to 0.7 in favor of Biden. Meaning, a vote for Biden counted 1.2 and for Trump counted 0.7.

  7. Despite such odds, Trump was pulling ahead by the end of the Election night. That`s why they stopped counting and closed the Booths in all 6 Run-Off States at the same time. I think it was 1 a.m.

  8. Their continued activities, relayed through servers in Italy and China to Germany, were intercepted by U.S. Cyber-Command.

  9. Knowing they were caught, all the Deep-State players, from Governors, to State A.G.`s to State Courts, trickled up to the Supreme Court.

  10. When J. Roberts found out, he threw a hissy-fit and was heard screaming at Samuel Alito, "that M-F isn't going to serve a second term"

  11. You see, Roberts, Pelosi, the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, all sit on a different "Benkel" - together with not only Zuckerberg, Bazos, Jack Dorsey, and Bill Gates, Soros, but foreign players as well: such as Merkel, Macron, Putin, Chi, the Pope, Prince Charles, and even Bibi

  12. Trump didn't realize what the swamp really entailed. He wasn't an insider and was seen as unredeemable from the get-go. But after numerous assasination attempts (not published by the Media) failed, they resorted instead to have the media politically assassinate him

  13. The media worked in-synch with Congress and the Supreme Court, beginning by falsifying the polls to make the public believe he was destined to lose. The Supreme Court (Roberts shares a benkel with the Pope and all the other elite pedophiles) ensuring that any evidence of election-fraud was without merit. Knowing that the voting machines were rigged.

  14. The video-you-tube just mentions some discrepancies confirming that the Biden-Inauguration was a staged Hollywood performance, filmed in secret but not in the unusual place, and released at different times to local and foreign audiences. Because when one`s faking it, discrepancies tend to creep in. Knowing that they have it "in the bag, and anyone who cares has stopped scrutinizing detail. According to the Evangelical Channels that I keep an eye on, the population of patriots now has to go through a process of awakening. Trump or someone else might emerge as the true legitimate Constitutional Leader of the American people: For the American people. Not the trans`s, the aliens, the felons, Antifa, Iran, the Radical Muslims, the corporate Billionaires, the surfs on-the-take who serve at the behest of Big-Pharma with their experimental vaccinations to enrich themselves. In fact you`ll note that not a single act taken by the new Unconstitutional President of Washington D.C., was in the interest of Americans: Climate Change, throwing hundreds of thousands of skilled workers on the Keystone Pipeline to the lines of unemployed. In fact America is no-longer energy independent. Education will now focus on teaching toddlers about global, warming, six new gender-types, and the evils of White Supremacy. Washington will now be like the City`s of the Pope and Monarchy: Cities of refuge for the globalists within a country whose needs are irrelevant to those who`ve seized or inherited power.

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