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we can add your desired name to your item!

please contact us via mail to fulfil this process.

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Please write us "hi i'd like a custom design on my moshaich item, the name is Mendel" or something like that. thank you.

Of course our hoodie is available in many colors as well

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from Yosef Edery

When the world comes to a crossroads - you want to be on the side of the good, join us as we educate the world to do more goodness and kindness, so when the "Moshiach Train" pulls up you will be ready!


SALE PRICE: $26.00 



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T Shirts Stickers Hoodies hats Phone cases and more for the Moshiach Elite Community,

Everything in relation to Moshiach, Redemption, Current Events, Global Peace and Positive Change, we hope to keep the dream of peace and respect between all mankind here, come back from time to time to see new moshiach merchandise that will become available to the public soon.

We can all work together to achieve, please help us in our united effort to unite the world in their efforts to take responsibility, add in goodness and kindness, and reach every corner of the world to light it up with the warmth and comfort of Judaism and the messege of redemption.