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UNITY Yosef Edery's Zoom Meeting

Tuesday March 14th 2023     
8:30pm Jerusalem Time

1:30pm New York Time

Yosef Edery is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 792 0218 6927

Passcode: Unity

Organizer: Long live the king messiah kindness & More

Sanhedrin Events

כינוסי הסנהדרין

Check here for updates and availabilities regarding upcoming exciting Sanhedrin Related events.

  • Orthodox Noahide Study with Q&A Hosted By: Eliyahu Zerubavel
    Orthodox Noahide Study with Q&A Hosted By: Eliyahu Zerubavel
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, May 29
    Live Zoom Meeting
    May 29, 2022, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
    Live Zoom Meeting
    May 29, 2022, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
    Live Zoom Meeting
  • הקמת הסנהדרין Sanhedrin Establishment, Israel 2022
    הקמת הסנהדרין Sanhedrin Establishment, Israel 2022
    Sun, Apr 03
    Apr 03, 2022, 8:15 AM – 5:00 PM GMT+3
    Jerusalem, Ma'ase Khoshev St 6, Jerusalem, Israel
    Apr 03, 2022, 8:15 AM – 5:00 PM GMT+3
    Jerusalem, Ma'ase Khoshev St 6, Jerusalem, Israel
    The Sanhedrin Establishment is the international justice system, Now in Israel we bring it back to life! We Are Calling all Jews to put their differences aside and take this step with us into the Geulah!

שלום וברכה לכל עם ישראל ותומכי'ה 

שמחים אנו לבשר על כינוס הקמת הסנהדרין בימות המשיח, ראש חודש ניסן ראש השנה למלכים ולמועדים הבאה עלינו לטובה ולברכה ה'תשפ"ב. בניין בית המקדש נעשית על ידי מלך שמצווה, מינוי מלך נעשה על ידי סנהדרין

(ע"פ הלכה למעשה כמבואר ברמב"ם הלכות מלכים) ראשי עדה, אנשי שם, רבנים והעוסקים בצ"צ באמונה מוזמנים לכינוס ההיסטורי הזה. כעם, הרוצה גאולה נבוא יחד לשם הגאולה.


Link to learn more on the Sanhedrin

כנסו לקישור ללמוד קצת על הסנהדרין English (שופטינו... ויועצינו כבתחילה)

Link to learn more on the ships of Tarshish

כנסו לקישור ללמוד על Ships of Tarshish  (קיבוץ גלוית)

Link to The Seven Laws Of Noach

כנסו לקישור ללמוד על 7 מצוות בני נח (ומלאה הארץ דעה את השם)


Link to The Sanhedrin Market

כנסו לקישור ללמוד על ה Sanhedrin Market  (כספם וזהבם איתם)

Schedule For The Sanhedrin Event 

April 3rd 2022 - 2nd Of Nissan 5782

8:15 Shachrit

9:15 am - 10:00am Host - Rabbi Yosef Edery – opening Remarks

10:00am - 11:00am - Honorable Rabbi Peretz Hakohen 

11:00 am - 12:00pm Yair Levi (Musician)

12:00- 1:00
Rabbi David Bar Chaim (or letter from Rabbi Bar Chaim) – Head of Machon Shilo And Leading Member Of Beis Havaad. Topic: Sanhedrin Need, What is a Melech, Machon Shilo And Its world thus far. The New Kehilat torat hashem bierets yisroel.
1:15 Mincha Prayer

2:00 pm – 3::00 pm Lunch (Sushi - Mehadrin)

3:00pm -4:00pm  Professor Mr. Avrum Ehrlich 

4:00 -5:00pm Rabbi Ariel –The Temple Institute. 

5:00pm Host - Rabbi Yosef Edery – Closing Remarks followed by Open Panel Discussion

וכל המרבה לספר ביציאת מצרים הרי זה משובח.

More On Our Speakers At The Event:

כבוד הרב דוד בר חיים - ראש מכון שילו


About Machon Shilo:


   Machon Shilo, under the leadership of HaRav David Bar Hayim, is dedicated to the promotion, discovery, and dissemination of Torat Eretz Yisrael, the halachic approach and method that the Jewish people need to serve Hashem and keep his Torah as an independent nation in their homeland.  The Rav defines this mission as "laying the groundwork for a restatement and reconstitution of Jewish thought and practice, based on the Written Law and the Oral Tradition (Torah ShebiKhtav and Torah SheBa’al Peh), in order to facilitate the realization of the Jewish nation’s divinely mandated purpose and duty to establish “a nation of priests, a holy people (שמות יט:ו)".


          At present, though millions of Jews have fulfilled the dream of their forefathers to return home, they have brought with them their identity as members of a specific galut community.  The local customs and traditions of Hungarian, Yemenite, Polish, Iraqi, Lithuanian, Moroccan, and other communities served an essential role in helping the Jewish people survive nearly two thousand years of exile.  Today, however, we have more to do than merely survive: we have been given the opportunity, and therefore the obligation, to fulfill the command of the Torah to create a mamlechet kohanim v'goy kadosh, replete with a Jewish king, a Jewish Sanhedrin, and, of course, the Temple in Yerushalayim.  The emphasis on preserving ethnic identities and traditions makes it impossible for religious Jews to work meaningfully towards these goals or to provide a credible model of national Jewish leadership.  Only by embracing Torat Eretz Yisrael can we fulfil our national mission.  


The concept of Torat Eretz Yisrael combines many elements: Using the full range of halachic texts bequeathed to us by Hazal, including the Yerushalmi and Tosefta, rather than arbitrarily giving the Talmud Bavli exclusive dominance.


Re-examining established practices and rulings that contradict the primary halachic sources from Hazal.

Drawing on the liturgical tradition from Eretz Yisrael, which ended with the near-extinction of the community during the crusades. 

An approach to p'sak halacha that is based on assumption that by adhering to halacha, as defined and transmitted to us by Hazal, we are fulfilling the will of the Creator and that His will is not dependent on which exile community our grandfathers lived in.


          The underlying principle of mainstream orthodoxy is not to change.  This ideology was developed in response to the haskalah and resulting reformist movements, and the Jewish people owe an eternal debt to the titanic figures of the past 200 years who ensured the survival of halacha in the face of mass apostasy and assimilation.  The truth remains, however, that in many cases the Torah and halacha themselves demand change and today we are clearly mandated to repair many broken elements of the halachic system, and to rebuild others that have not existed for generations.


          Machon Shilo draws on a tradition going back to the greatest of the rishonim - including the Rambam and Ramban - who were not afraid to correct errant practices according to their considered understanding of primary halachic texts.  It also finds inspiration in the writings of haRav Avraham Kook, who articulated the need for an updated halachic system to meet the needs - and duties - of the Jewish people in the era of kibbutz galuyot.  These teachings of Rav Kook have been forgotten by most of the National Religious world, but the urgent necessity of heeding them becomes more evident with each passing year. 


הרב יוסף אדרעי - ראש היועצים ד"בית הועד" ומייסד


 Moshiach News Global


About Moshiach News Global


Than Student Rabbi Yosef Edery, Began with his website to accompany his out reach work in Manhattan known as "Mivtsoyim" which he did for 5- 7 years in the New York area, later moving on to be a "Elter Bachur shliach" in yeshivas Postville Iowa for a year where he gave shiurim in Inyonei Geulah U'Moshiach for that year to some 30 - 40 students amongst the other regular studies of a typical chabad yeshiva. 


over the years Yosef has networked with Noahides and Jewish scholars globally via social media, and over the years has been ahead of his time addressing the dangers of human trafficking, the nature of the podophilic issues in U.S. politics. the dangers of vaccines, and much more. 


all this in addition to the positive vein of creating the template for the realistic Geulah in our day. this is a very delicate job as many Jews have gotten used to a certain narrative they cling to in one way or another. so, giving a general message needs to be 100% correct according to Jewish law and somehow not negate completely Jewish traditions and so on... we have the "lion and lamb" Yeshivah WhatsApp group. the "Sanhedrin newsroom office" group, as well as many other services and activities as can be seen on our website   


currently on the board of MN Global is:

Martial Arts - Tai Chi Student Mr. Shawn Lei

Columnist & Martial Arts Instructor

Learned the ancient knowledge of the Chinese culture rich in meditation tai chi and spiritual refinement techniques, plays guitar, comes from a family with medical background, and student of military studies Shawn's family traces back to Chinese royalty - The Zhou dynasty.


Dr. Baruch Margolioth Trappler M.D.

Author & Kabbalistic Scholar

Whose great-great- grandfather was a descendant of Rabbeinu Tam who was raised by the Baal Shem Tov.

Rabbi Yosef Edery

Columnist & Graphics Designer

Grew up in Crown Heights Brooklyn, learned about Moshiach in "770 Moshiach Central" for most of youth, did 8 years in the Yeshiva system including learning in New York, Brunoy France and Postville Iowa. Currently lives in the Golan heights, the Holy Land.

Rabbi Yaakov Cohen

United Nation Envoy

Works in the united nations to promote the seven laws of Noah.


Honorable Noahide Eliyahu Zerubavel

Noahide Scholar and Advertising For Moshiach News Global.

כבוד הרב פרץ ריבקין הכהן - ראש כיתת לומדי כהונה, an affiliate of Igud HaKohanim Inc., is a New York based not-for-profit educational organization that is enthusiastic about the Jewish priesthood being relevant to today and future generations. The priesthood is divinely tasked to facilitate the connection between humanity and G-d via the holy temple in Jerusalem. We are passionate about educating all of humanity across the globe about the importance of the biblical priesthood. Igud HaKohanim Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) not-for profit organization run and managed by kohanim.


Our work includes primary educational activities regarding the Jewish priesthood and spreading its message via print syndication, social media and personal interaction.


Rabbi Peretz HaKohen Rivkin

Board of Directors

Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Cohen

Rabbi Efrayim HaKohen Katz-Shurpin

כבוד הרב גילעד ראש משרדי מכון המקדש


כבוד הרב אריאל שליט"א ממכון המקדש 

about the temple institute:


The Temple Institute, known in Hebrew as Machon Hamikdash, is an organization in Israel focusing on the endeavor of establishing the Third Temple. Its long-term aims are to build the third Jewish temple on the Temple Mount, on the site occupied by the Dome of the Rock, and to reinstate animal sacrificial worship  

כבוד הרב החסיד אופיר מיידובניק משפיע ראשי בישיבת תות"ל עיה"ק צפת


Rabbi Ofir maydovnik is considered in the chabad community as one of the most influential Mashpiim, mainly teaching in the largest chabad yeshiva in israel today the yeshiva gedolah in tsfat rabbi maydovnik travels regularly to 770 chabad central where he "farbrengs" at 770 during the high holiday season, his talks are recorded and students around the globe use his advice and guidance throughout their teens and into adult life. 


פרופסור הרב אברהם ערליך

Discussing The Missing Details of the Founding Documents of the state of israel.


[פרופסור הלל ווייס - דובר הנאסנט סנהדרין מגלגול הקודם (לפני כ15 שנה לערך)]


professor Hillel wais was part of the earlier push of the establishment of the Sanhedrin with honorable rabbi Adin shtainzalts, he was at the helm of many ideas and projects surrounding the Sanhedrin establishment, and although much of his work fragmented due to infighting of the organizations he was part of, he does deserve credit for his efforts which surly were not in vein. (his fighting spirit was the reason for the success of a few events and startups, but eventually was also the reason for the nascent Sanhedrin never going mainstream). 


מר רפי פרבר - עוסק בצ"צ ונציג קהילת תורת השם בארץ ישראל של קצרין.


Mr. Rabbi Rafi farber is a close personal friend of Mr. Moshe feiglin and was a candidate on the Zehut ballot, he is a expert in the silver markets and currently produces videos regularly on the topic, he is a writer for many newspapers, and is a intellectual in the fields of politics, personal freedoms, israel, and markets. rafis father was a rabbi of a great shul in the U.S. and rafi has established and helps run a shul in Katsrin today. 

מר יוני זגדנסקי - עוסק בשמירת גבולות


Yoni is activist with many organizations in israel which look into the security on the land. due to the nature of his work. much of his work is semi classified, Yoni has served in the U.S. army before his arrival to israel. and is part of our team as he too, wishes to see some updates in the outdated systems on which this government and state is running.

Knesset Interior
Old City Jerusalem



Buy the Sanhedrin conference video exclusively here at to learn about the establishment of the Sanhedrin. starring the cutting edge information on the plans and blueprints for the worlds spiritual and physical future which all starts in the land, with the people and the Torah of Israel.


Whether you are a torah scholar or Noahide, this video is for you.


as we try and bring redemption to the world, studing this work surly will have an impact on your personal redemption as well.



Duration: 1:55:36 

Quality: High Definition

Size: 6.5 GB 

Access: Given Via Email Watchable On YouTube.

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