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Sanhedrin Market

What is Sanhedrin Market? ​

Sanhedrin Market will Launch on our domain and will be available for use by Members to buy, sell or trade, goods and services with a built in 'wallet' and 'credits'.


Members will be able to give or take payments form anyone in the world instantly.

Can I Get A Loan? 

Yes, we can evaluate your business/work value and give you a credit to your account based on the value of your business, loan needs to be paid back slowly over a period of usually 10 years with a small added fee to your bank.


Can Members Exchange From their Sanhedrin Market wallet to USD (Or any other currency)  and pull out cash?


Yes, and there is a small exchange fee for these transactions. 

However, all transactions within the Sanhedrin Market for goods and services are instant and free!

Yearly Subscription fee?

Yes, Due to our platform striving for anti-inflation we need to charge a yearly fee for our service, this ensures we can maintain, upgrade and secure the Sanhedrin Market without Inflating The Sanhedrin Market credit value.   


Why Should i Join?  

Honest Administration, unlike your current money system which is debt based and fueled by war and bloodshed, we care not for pleasures of the world nor the destruction of humanity, we are g-d fearing with a goal to assist in the establishment of the Sanhedrin for justice and so on. 


Sanhedrin Market's Value is based on the men and women who join, shops, goods and services being traded, the individuals who want to trade and maintain a way to continue to support their loved ones even while the world goes through major changes.  


The success of Sanhedrin Market will enable The Jewish People to Fulfill the prophecy of Redemption and Moshiach in the world, the Sanhedrin Market will serve as a financial base for Establishing The Sanhedrin! (not wars....or throwing people out of their homes....)  

Sanhedrin Market Sign Up 
(No commitment necessary)


Signing up does not make you a member just yet, and does not require anything other than a Username & Email.

 We will analyze your info, set up a basic account and so on, and in due time - in the order of the receipt of the applications we have received  - will reach out to finalize account settings.


When we are ready to launch you will receive an email with the option to Become a Sanhedrin Market Member.

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Sanhedrin Market By:

Temple Coins Made in Germany Have Been Sent From Germany And Accepted In The Holy Land.

Learn more about the journey to Israel here

The Nation Of Ephraim Organization sent to The Beis Hava'ad Lachachamim Tens Of 999 Sterling Silver 7.77g Coins to Support The Efforts Of Establishing The Sanhedrin as instructed by Jewish law (Rambam Laws of Kings and Their wars) to first establish a king in the Holy Land as a first step into the Redemptive/Geulah Process.



The Sanhedrin: the counsel of 70 Rabbis/Jewish Scholars - Supported by The Advisory board - have Halachic Jewish Lawful Authority to Establish a King - and later - support said king in the building of the third temple.


With The Return of The Sanhedrin we bring back Hashem's correct good, righteous and straightforward justice system to humanity and much more.

Currently We Are Working On Creating A System where

will be the repository of


Sanhedrin Initiative Share


Sanhedrin Market is a Moshiach News Global Service promising a anti-inflation marketplace with a  built in exchange for goods and services to be traded fairly.

Yosef. MNGlobal Admin.

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