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NEW! (Free) For A Limited Time!

 Sanhedrin Market is open for Applications!

What is Sanhedrin Market? 

Sanhedrin Market will Launch on our domain and will be available for use by Members to trade, buy and sell, goods and services with a built in 'wallet', Members will be able to take payments form anyone and send money to anyone in the world at any time with no delay in transaction 24/7.

Can I Get A Loan? 

Yes, we can evaluate your business/work value and give you a credit to your account based on the value of your business, loan needs to be paid back slowly over a period of usually 10 years with a small added fee.


Can Members Exchange From their Sanhedrin Market wallet to USD (Or any other currency)  and pull out cash?


Yes, and there is a small exchange fee for these transactions. 

However, all transactions within the Sanhedrin Market for goods and services are instant and free!

Yearly Subscription fee?

Yes, Due to our platform striving for anti-inflation we need to charge a yearly fee for Membership, this ensures we can maintain, upgrade and secure the Sanhedrin Market without Devaluing The Sanhedrin Market.   


Why Should i Join?  

Sanhedrin Market's Value is based on the men and women who join, the shops, goods and services being traded, the individuals who want to trade and maintain a way to continue to support their loved ones even while the world goes through these major changes.  


Also, the success of Sanhedrin Market will enable The Jewish People to Fulfill the prophecy of Redemption and Moshiach in the world, the Sanhedrin Market will serve as a financial base for Establishing The Sanhedrin! (not wars....or throwing people out of their homes....)  

Apply Here
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How Did You Hear About Us?
How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

By Signing Up (No commitment necessary)

Singing up does not make you a member and does not require anything other than the information above.

 We will analyze your info, begin to set up your account and so forth, in order of receipt of application we will reach out to you to finalize your account setup, and once we are ready to launch you will receive a link with the option to Become a member if you so choose. 

Sanhedrin Market is a Moshiach News Global Service promising a anti-inflation marketplace with a  built in exchange for goods and services to be traded fairly.
Sanhedrin Market will Launch Soon… Stay frosty for Updates :)

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Age OLD Economy!

bestowed upon the chosen people

David Butts | Sanhedrin Market | 2/10/22


  • What is being presented to the reader has been many decades in the making, with millions of U.S. Dollars invested to date. It can only be “Documented” as Miraculous. It has been presented to the HONORABLE RABBI > Judge JOSEF EDERY et al.



As it was presented TO :  Wachovia Bank. Att: XXXXX; et al                                                                   

FROM :  Dave Butts     


RE: Request for Trust & Other Banking Services ***


***  The information herein is proprietary and copyright protected It is a TBM competitive asset, and therefore

valuable. Its use is at your liberal discretion and will. But ”hold it close”; share it with trustworthy colleagues.       


The HONORABLE RABBI JOSEF EDERY has conveyed “no usury?” NO PROBLEM ! and RATES to be discussed.

ASK ANY profit-making business owner or professional (physician, dentist, architect, attorney) if they ever barter and trade. Odds are they’ll answer: “yes – at every opportunity”. Five hundred thousand+ American small businesses, in fiscal 2005, and 80%+ of the Fortune-500 companies, conducted taxable barter transactions of five hundred billion dollars+  ($500,000,000,000+)  in taxable barter transactions. Microsoft and Wal-Mart are tied for “biggest-barter.” Department of Commerce estimates indicate that barter accounts for 36%+ of (all taxed) commerce worldwide. The barter industry today is BIG business.

WE WANT to operate the first and best barter Exchange that is totally transparent, bank audited bank-trusteed, fair and right. We only accept Members who are joining in order to sell their products, NOT just to get credit. For the first time ever in the industry, we want for our Members to be able to convert (cash-in) their earned trade credit. They cannot draw cash on their credit line and they can only convert earned trade credit to cash if we cannot find what it is they want to buy. We could do this, profitably, by assigning or “selling” all or part of each Member’s Membership Agreement. The member’s payment commitment (dues) is always 4 to 8 times the amount of their credit line. We also charge trading fees Example: a $6,000 Membership includes $6,000 in collateral but only $1,200 of trade credit. We will qualify every applicant to meet any and every requirement the bank wants. We have the largest insurance company in the world agreed to insure 100% payment of every Membership regardless of why any Member might default (just plain bad management?—covered) --- our funding source or lender is the loss payee. They have FORTY NINE MILLION clients worldwide they will advertise this to; if we ever could want.

FEDERAL STATUTE(S) establish the rules under which bartering may be transacted legally. Essentially, all barter trades must be accounted for (and taxed or “1099” at) full & fair “cash-world” retail value, and there can be NO currency nor circulated specie.


THE SANHEDRIN MARKET has confirmed private commercial financing with Global Communications, INC (GCI) a California corporation in the total amount of fifty million dollars ($ 50,000,000 USD).


  • The first 20 million will be used to

    • Pay all loan, bonding, finder’s and associated fees.

    • Finalize acquisitions of strategically located barter exchanges.

    • Finalize relationships with several strategic partnerships.

    • Fund budget expenses for the entire operation for a period of three months.


  • The remaining 30 million will be places in an Escrow account. Each week, TBM will provide a projected summary of cash to be drawn down, based upon the projected expenses and cash reserve needs. These moneys will then be drawn to back the TBM trade dollar until the time arrives where TBM repays the note. This is projected to be within twelve months, as illustrated below.


WE NEVER touch anybody’s money. Every penny coming in or going out is Trusteed (Trusted? Trust or Escrowed?) by the bank << WHICH BANK? We only ever touch what is released as earned fees. Our hope is that you will help us and the hundreds  of  thousands  of  businesses  who  need  an  honestly  operated ((((((bank-overseen)))) barter Exchange.


The following excerpts are from “MARYS story” available upon request as ALL of your CHOSEN HONORS > comments, questions and concerns CAN and WILL be ANSWERED.

The above has been “run” by executives AT > the former Wachovia Bank, Transunion, Mid Atlantic Bank, SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY > and many too may more.. “White paper available.”

You have been selected as one of the first to peruse, ponder and commit.

                    Blessings and Regards,

                    Mr. David butts


Counsel to his honor.

הגיע הזמן למקם את האנשים הנבחרים בראש הכלכלה, זה הזמן שלך.


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