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Doctor Rabbi B. Trappler

These Cards allow you a certian amount of meetings under legal psychiatric supervision of Rabbi Dr. B. Trappler, He has helped many with issues concerning mental health and saved many lives under great pressure and emergancy situations, we here at are happy to reccomend and promote a fellow Sanhedirn Advisor to our Jewish & Bnei Noach Community.



These Services are brought to you by The Sanhedrin Health Organization.  

דוקטור טראפלער הוא אדם שמצד אחד צנוע ומצד שני יש לו ידע מאוד רחב ברפואה, הוא פסיכיאטר ברמה בינלאומית שלא מוצאים בקלות –

עם הבחנה מאוד מדיוקת לפי הבעיה – הוא מבין דבר מתוך דבר. אדם נדיר שלא מנסה לבלוט, אבל לאלה שמזהים אותו יכולים להעיד שהוא נכס לאנושות. עבד במזכירות של הרבי מילובאוויטש הרבה שנים ומוכר על ידי זקני אנ"ש.

"אבחנה ממנו שווה זהב"
– מבן משפחה של מטופל


Doctor B. Trappler has many credentials of study, practice, and excellence, we will try to update them as we prcocess them all.


Rabbi Dr. Trapplers VIP Cards & Services

At Moshiach News Global, The S.H.O. [Sanhedrin Health Organization] is dedicated to providing personalized care to each and every member.


Dr. Trapplers team of experienced medical professionals are committed to providing the highest quality of care in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

We specialize in a wide range of services, from family care to specialized care, and everything in between. Our goal is to ensure that every patient receives the most comprehensive care possible, tailored to their individual needs. To book a meeting, learn more, for questions, or for emergency assistance please call Doctor B. Trapple's Office to see if you are eligible for a meeting with the doctor at: +1-917-6787899.

Dr. B. Trappler's
History of working in the rebbes presence & with holocost survivors

Portrait pse of George Tzolos
  1. A letter from Greg Tzolos to Dr. Trappler to give to Sholom-Ber Ganzberg. Sholom-Ber lived with the Rebbe and Rebbetzen for 35-years.

  2. Greg was an M.D. in Greece who was Night-Coordinator for the Rebbe from day-1 until the end. After that he became Night-Coordinator at Sephardic Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Trappler and Greg worked closely there and Mr. Rabbi B.M. Edery spent time with him one night when he accompanied me for the late-shift at the Sephardic Rehab Center (to visit Rabbi Avraham Hecht). included here is his letter and his picture sitting at the desk.

Greg Tzolos Rebbe"s Nurse Coordinator

As well Here are two letters from Holocaust Survivors.


One is written on the inside of the book "The Unheeded Cry" by Rabbi Weissmandl.


Rabbi Weissmandl and Dr. B. trappler's patient were on the final Transport to Auschwitz from Hungary.


Rabbi Weissmandl chiselled a hole in the coach large enough to jump out of the moving train.


The book "the unheeded Cry" describes how Rabbi Weissmandl succeeded in saving thousands of Jews from the Gas-Chambers in 1944-45.


He and my patient were the only ones on that Transport that were alive at the end of the Holocaust.


The book describes how Rabbi Weissmandl strove to rescue hundreds of thousands but was thwarted by high-placed American Jews surrounding President Roosevelt and even the Jewish Agency.


A time came when the German Generals realized they had lost the war and were looking to exchange thousands of Jews for their personal freedom.


A delicate situation because, unlike Hitler, they weren't obsessed with total annihilation of European Jewry.


Comes  Rabbi Weissmandl attempting to negotiate (as a Jew during the Holocaust, travelling between America and German-occupied Hungary, only to find one of the best-kept secrets of the Holocaust - that neither the Zionists nor the Americans wanted them.


This book tells the story with hundreds of copies of documents, letters, etc.


One of Dr. B. Trappler's goals is to get the book reprinted.


I have one of the last copies, with the annotation on the inside cover.

Letter of appreciation from survivor of the last transport to Auschwitz
6. Letter from Survivor 2.jpg
8. Picture of  Rabbi Wissmandl (2).bmp
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