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Regarding Moshiach's Arrival or revelation, a stalemate of sorts is in play, many are "waiting" (doing nothing) to bring moshiach. all the while the jewish leader of our generation the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a has said "i have done all i can, from here on in do all that you can to bring Moshiach".

Coming out of the Pesach Holiday - the holiday supposed to push us towards redemption ever faster -we are taking a few ideas with us:

1. we can't just wait for the redemption we need to do.

2. it's ONLY up to us.

3. we need to build the temple.

4. in order to do that, we need a Jewish King Established in Israel.

5. in order to Establish a Jewish King we need a Sanhedrin.

6. in order to establish a Sanhedrin we need to Unite the Right Wing Orthodox Jewish Parties within the Israeli Electoral System.

Now that last one is something we can all work together to achieve, this coming year and election cycle, please help us in our united effort to unite the right in israeli politics.

Wednesday, April 11th 2018

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Tsahal Soldiers Dancing in Golan Heights Army Base Purim 2019


We visited an army base here in the Golan and read them megillah, it was a full house - men and women - all listening to the story of Purim to remember the miracles hashem did for us back then. we gave out around 50 Shalach Manos Sets, Spoke words of torah cracked a few jokes, Danced and sang!

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1 - Geulah

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3 - Ananay

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2 - Geulah

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1 - Geulah

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A developing issue is that no one trusts the official systems,


The Sanhedrin services is a life changing experience for those who seek to resolve issues and have questions answered, the Sanhedrin advisory group take responsibility to work in the way of kindness and selflessness who's only "weak spot" is that we seek truth and justice as brought about by the wisdom of the Torah and it's message.


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