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לויים בשירם

The Levites in song

The Levites where in charge of the song and certain  services in the temple, join our community of Levites to link up with the Leviim today which are preparing their "instruments of song" for the service of the 3rd temple!



Coordinate the Leviim to work together towards all they need to train in preparation for their role in the 3rd Temple.


We plan to help and support the Levitical holy mission of training the next generation of Leviim to be ready to serve in the beis Hamikdash Hashlishi - towards that end we would like to assist in:

 Training Levitical Yeshivah Students today in the holy land, to sing and play instruments and familiarize themselves with the service of the temple so they are ready to serve. 

the stage of leviim beshiram.png

Conceptual Project Recommendation: 

Create a stage in Jerusalem for Leviim to sing on a daily basis the psalms and songs of prayer (including songs we have a tradition of being from the temple) in preparation for the temple service.

Prof. M. Avrum Ehrlich

Date: 13.05.2022; 12 Iyar 5782

To: Levites in Israel and the Jewish diasporas and Nilvei Israel - friends of the Levitical Order


Shalom Aleichem!

Ever since the destruction of the 2nd temple, the Levitical order has not seen it's former potential now - in exile - under rabbinic law in Jewish exile practice for millennia due to persecution and dispersion and because Levites naturally adapted and integrated into the Jewish people taking up leadership and functionary roles.


Levitical practice has been preserved in greater Jewish ritual via the scriptures and the synagogue service and liturgy as well as in family and genealogical histories, religious theology, literature, names, and professions.


Since the establishment of the State of Israel and the emergence of diverse forms of ethnic and ideological Judaism has at the same time blurred and repressed the reemergence of authentic Levitical traditions and free Levite faith as would have been expected in a religiously pluralistic Israeli society.


However, the State of Israel did not recognize the specific religious status of Levites, nor the religious and legal rights, duties and liberties assigned to the Levite people and their religious service as codified in the Hebrew Bible and preserved in later rabbinic texts and scholarly and legal literature.  P.S. as the bible records, even Pharaoh in Egypt was aware of the unique position of the tribe of Levi.  


The legislative assembly that should have set a Constitution to guide the emergence of the State of Israel (legally required under the states declaration of independence) has yet to be put forward by the Sanhedrin, and similarly, the special position of Levitical applicable laws were failed to be articulated, and delineate the full and legal boundaries of the 48 Levitical cities, to be autonomously governed by a highly representative Levitical administration as part of the structure composing the "State of Israel".


Over 73 years of the Jewish state the social fabric of the people of Israel and its administrative apparatus decayed and lost touch with its fundamental values and populations.


The way Israelite leadership are seen in the eyes of the world is bruised and wounded in comparison to the glory days of King David and Solomon, and it should not be this way, millions of Jews are in the Holy land, many scholars Levites, kohanim and many who can trace their ancestry to king David as well.

Towards the new Jubilee of 50 years, a measure of time described in Hebrew code to mark the emergence of timely economic, political and legal reform, it has become clear, that the Levite popular in Israel must be granted basic rights to function according to their faith, profession and conscience we suggest Levitical cities with centers of education (yeshivos)  be established to ensure the autonomy of Levite practices, professions and lifestyle choices.


An Israeli Levite Assembly is necessary to guide the process of regaining Levitical status and rights. A world Levite synod is necessary - to voice and lobby for the world’s Levites to be awarded rights in the State of Israel and the religious groups so that the service and order of the Levites be guaranteed and protected.


The State of Israel must issue a statement acknowledging the Levites as an independent Israelite, Israeli and Jewish subpopulation with specific legal, religious and cultic rights fundamental to their identity, eventually these rights must include the right to practice in the Jerusalem Temple compound and the southern steps, freedom of movement; freedom of profession; immunity from Israeli taxation law; immunity from Israeli state fees and fines and charges; free and uninterrupted rights to move between and settle in any of the 48 levitical city parameters.


It is incumbent on the State of Israel by authority granted in the Declaration of Independence and fulfilled by The Sanhedrin to ensure the freedoms of Levite residents of the State of Israel.


It is incumbent on all Israeli State apostates including the Israel Land Authority and other land and tax and enforcement administrations to acknowledge Levite immunity in designated boundaries of the 48 Levite cities, governed by self appointed Levitical representation and Levite legal, religious and professional codes.


Levites interested in participating in an Israeli and world Levite Synod are invited to send me a brief resume of their Levitical heritage, faith, studies, professions, activities and interests.


Nilvei Israel - friends of the Levitical Order - are similarly invited to communicate with me to identify ways to cultivate a universal Levitical faith amongst the nations.



Avrum Ehrlich Son of Ephraim Zvi the Levite

אברהם בן אפריים צבי הלוי

WhatsApp: 054-620-4727;

Fax: 077-470-4393


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