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Sanhedrin Terms of Service

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Terms of service
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Sanhedrin Terms of Service

Sanhedrin Terms of Service for Jewish & Noahide Individuals Seeking Torah Law & Sanhedrin Justice

​1. Introduction
These Terms of Service (the "Terms") outline the conditions under which Noahides and Jewish individuals can voluntarily submit to Torah law and the justice system of the Sanhedrin.

Including the framework of the Torah's oral tradition, within a global context without limitations of time or space. 
By participating in this system, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms. 
If you do not agree to these Terms, please refrain from engaging in this process.

2. Application
These Terms apply to all Noahides and Jewish individuals seeking to submit to Torah law and the jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin. The terms "Noahides" and "Jewish individuals" are defined as follows:

a) Noahides: Non-Jewish individuals who willingly observe the seven Noahide laws, which include the prohibition of idolatry, blasphemy, murder, theft, sexual immorality, cruelty to animals, and the establishment of a just legal system.

b) Jewish Individuals: Individuals who identify as Jewish according to Jewish religious or ethnic criteria in accordance with Halacha.

3. Consent and Voluntary Submission
By choosing to be governed by Torah law and the Sanhedrin justice system, you affirm your voluntary consent to be bound by these Terms and acknowledge that participation is entirely optional and revocable at any time.

4. Governance by Torah Law
a) Binding Authority: You acknowledge that the Torah, comprising the written and oral traditions, is the ultimate legal authority governing your conduct and that of the Sanhedrin.

b) Interpretation: You understand that the interpretation of the Torah's oral tradition lies within the purview of the Sanhedrin judges and advisory boards, who will determine the applicability and understanding of its principles.

5. Jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin
a) Sanhedrin Authority: The Sanhedrin judges and advisory boards have the authority to adjudicate matters concerning Torah law, internationally as hashem is king of the whole world.

b) Conflict Resolution: Disputes between parties subject to Torah law will be submitted to the Sanhedrin for resolution, adhering to established rules and procedures.

c) Appeals: You acknowledge the right to appeal a decision rendered by the Sanhedrin to a higher Sanhedrin court, in accordance with your representative Sanhedrin Advisor or Judge of your choosing, Minister of 1k or 100 or 50 or 10.

6. Global Context
a) No Limitations of Time or Space: These Terms apply regardless of geographical location or historical timeframe, ensuring that Noahides and Jewish individuals may seek adherence to Torah law and the Sanhedrin justice system worldwide.

b) Local Laws: You understand that these Terms are unaffiliated with local laws and regulations. Where conflicts arise between local laws and Torah law, it is advised to consult with A Sanhedrin Advisor Such as Rabbi Aviv Zegelman From the “Shalom Yerushalayim”  Organization, to ensure compliance with both systems.

7. Amendments and Termination
a) Amendments: These Terms may be amended or updated periodically. Any modifications will be made publicly available, and continued participation implies acceptance of the revised Terms.

b) Termination: You have the right to terminate your participation at any time, thereby ceasing to be subject to these Terms. However, any pending disputes or legal matters will be resolved according to the rules in effect at the time of their occurrence.

8. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
a) No Guarantee: Participation in this system does not guarantee the outcomes desired or expected by participants. The Sanhedrin and its judges and advisory boards are not liable for any dissatisfaction, harm, or damages resulting from their decisions.
b) Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold the Sanhedrin, its judges, and advisory boards harmless from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from your participation in this system or your violation of these Terms.

With Blessings for success Sanhedrin Advisor Rabbi Yosef Edery


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