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the prophecy must be fulfilled

The Sanhedrin Initiative

At The Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel.

Day #2 Jan 30th 2023.

Rabbi Yosef Edery & Friends

Working On The Sanhedrin Initiative.

S.I. Scouting Mission


“The Sanhedrin Initiative Scouting Mission Fundraiser Campaign will enable the advisors and judges to continue to gather in number, connect with each other and make the Sanhedrin a reality in the holy land".

At 770, Kfar Chabad, Israel.

DAY #1 Jan 29th 2023.

Rabbi Yosef Edery & Chief Chabad Rabbi of Haifa Bentsion Gagola 

Working On The Sanhedrin Initiative.

הרב ניסים אליהו אדרעי שליט"א 
Kfar Chabad, Israel
Day #1, Jan 29th 2023


Nation Of Ephraim

Ulf as Leader Of The Ultra Orthodox Noahide Nation Of Ephraim Community Discusses in the weekly Ephi & Rabbi Zoom Call the exciting progress of the Sanhedrin Initiative Scouting Mission.

Rabbi Edery has been Making Torah Classes with the nation of Ephraim weekly, and in this past 15th joint video they discussed the importance of the establishment of the Sanhedrin for Jew, Noahides and all mankind.

Blue Personal Objects

Day #2
Knesset, Kab
& Plans.

Hebrew Prayer Books

DAY #3

Rabbi Edery Visited professor Ehrlich in Tel Aviv to get a chance to better understand his fascination and support of the establishment of the Sanhedrin.


We discussed topics In line with the new opportune responsibility humanity has of managing artificial intelligence, and rewriting a new system of international law, judged by the satisfaction of the individual. this interview is a must see.

פרוםסור אברהם עהרליך הלוי

"הבה נפעל יחד לכבוש את הרחוב החרדי את ליבם ומאודם לעצב מערכת הפעלה לגאולת הפרט להפליא.

הכל צריך להיות מכוון לקהילות קודש בארץ הקודש".

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DAY #4

DAY #4

- We Spoke With Mr. Ariel Cohen Alloro In Jerusalem

- Picked Up Noahide Sanhedrin Advisor Mr. Shawn Lei From the Airport.

Issues We Hoped To Address in the meeting with Mr. Alloro.

(Form conversations with our honorable Noahide Christian colleges in the pursuit and creation of unity.)

It's seems that in your opinion, you and your female friends, mastered your "service of the creator" in the context of Christianity. And you can "prove it" by pointing to "ideas" you developed in your mind (being that according to Christianity the actual "laws" or actions are "non relevant" to fulfill anymore) the reason why I am not at liberty to accept this position from you, not legitimize such a thing is because:

1. The (new testament) foundations you base your beliefs on are not true in Judaism - point blank. Action is very much a part of the service of hashem, so much so that if one does not fulfill actions = commandments = mitsvos, all his "wisdom" is null and void.

2. It would be one thing if you spoke to me about your service of hashem and actually wanted to grow in that area, but that is not clear to me.

3. Just like Ulf, which thought that if he can provide or create some testimony (like your pillar picture) he can somehow legitimize his service of hashem and his conclusions, he now knows that this "recipe of legitimacy" is null and void and "not accepted" according to the old and oral traditions. The only "law" is the old and oral torah, end of story.

4. Your creation of justifications for your service of hashem and the exclusive conclusions you arrived at in said "ideas" is a wild guess at best of how Hashem's would works, thus me as a human being cannot confirm nor deny if it works because how should I know.

5. Being that my fundamental Torah and the place I pull my "ideas" from is not the same as yours, and in many ways in my opinion the torah is the original and only word of hashem, I must let you know that the discussion we might have about service of Hashem becomes incompatible because the Torah's priorities are not the same as the new testaments priorities.

6. In Judaism, we don't borrow names on a whim, boaz and so on, we do not declare ourselves to be vessels for other people's souls, that is borderline "talking to the dead" and a grave sin in Judaism. We can say I am "like" or I aspire to be "like" but never "take a name, unless given by birth. I. E. We don't play with souls.

7. I figured that as we said, Jacob will teach, and Eisav will Protect and serve. As our blessings from hashem demand of us. Not the other way around. Thus it perplexed me when you keep giving me long doctrine and ideas I need or believe not in. 

8. The fact that a Noahide is allowed to believe in "partnership" in creation, does not mean he is allowed to talk about it to others especially not to Jews which are not allowed to believe in "partnership in creation", its really a deformity of service of Hashem and in some ways like crutches which at the right time should be discarded, and should not be a main focus.

9. According to Ulf, your branch of Christianity puts forth a narrative where the Jews fold to Jesus when the Christian shows them the light, this is a reality that is not true, you were lied to, and to have that expectation is really a waste of time, the founders of Christianity hoped you never meet a Jew, because they knew that what they were selling was "made in China D grade trash" the only reason they put that idea in Christianity is to boost self confidence of those contemplating if to follow their pile of crap, and they knew that they needed to say that the Jews would fold, but history proves that nothing is further from reality.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Mr. Ariel Kohen Alloro

The Body & Soul Come Together.

We spoke about the special need of Eisav And Yaakov In The Redemption - Like A Body and A Soul. We tried to take tips from Mr. Alloro in regards to the Sanhedrin establishment.

DAY #5

Hot Springs Roman Exile of Edom Understanding.