1 Hour Discussion with 1 Certified Advisory Member

One Hour to discuss any issue connected to spiritual direction, Judaism, Ethical Decisions, Moral Decisions, or Mediate between friends or partners, we will try and teach or lend an ear to any issue that might need a solution.


Please add in the note area if you need someone who specializes in a specific category of work, for example, we have those who work in law, mental health, psychology, Jewish studies, mediation, business, education, translation, marriage or youth counseling, United Nations, politics, Israel, U.S. affairs, China, and so on, the more details you give us, the more we can personalize your advisor to fit the needs you lay out.


The reason for our service is because as we see worldwide - no one trusts the official systems of law of the local governments today, the Sanhedrin services will be a life changing experience for the those who seek to learn, or resolve issues, you can rest assured that the Sanhedrin advisory group are made up of selfless individuals who's only "weak spot" is that they seek the truth and justice as brought about by the wisdom of the Torah and it's message.


Expensive, time consuming and heartbreaking lawyers judges and police, are all not needed and not necessary if a true non bias, ethical and moral voice of reason and common sense is brought to the forefront to resolve and give direction and answer the call of humanity.


we are here for you, to resolve issues with words and compassion. of course you can use your hour to learn more about the divine or any other subcategory of the Jewish faith, we believe in choice and in humanity... choosing life.


technical disclosure:

- session is one hour

- the session will be scheduled to fit your and the advisors convenience and will be agreed upon before hand

- session can include other members on your end you would like to add to hear or join in the discussion. 

- the funds from the purchase support the MN Global Advisory Members , and are used to enable this experience.

1 Hour Discussion with 1 Certified Advisory Member

$100.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
You can choose who you'd prefer

    We can all work together to achieve, please help us in our united effort to unite the world in their efforts to take responsibility, add in goodness and kindness, and reach every corner of the world to light it up with the warmth and comfort of Judaism and the messege of redemption.