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The Real Final Solution

Set the stage,

Villains, issues that need to be solved, the destiny of the world is on the line…

Trauma may be a bone chilling, heart numbing and mind freezing experience, even more so if you are part of a larger trauma which you cannot control or fix, take the Jewish experience during ww2, to wake up and be part of a nation which was hated so much that they were gassed - millions of them - in a systematic fashion to end your seed, is… terrifying. And to think that the current life of your nation is thanks to “the allied forces” getting involved (late!) before you were ALL killed… is enough to shock a man to the core, and yes, we have come “a long way” from those dark days, but… have we come far enough to feel at least relatively safe? If you think that the “Zionist State” is supposed to be a remedy to the issues of Jewish genocide than you should know that The Jewish people at large don’t really identify with the “Zionist” initiative, and as far as the “spirit” of the Jewish people is concerned, the only thing that can lift that - would be “Moshiach” the Redeemer - Moses like figure (not to be confused with Jesus, which is a Christian figure of the same concept) this dilemma has been the depression of many thinkers and leaders ever since ww2 ended, how? Why? And most importantly a 2 pronged question arises #1 can we do anything to make sure this never ever happens again? And #2 what now? Is there a vision – a goal – that all humanity can get behind – so that we are busy with something positive and productive – and we don’t tare each other down again?

Please Add salt and Pepper

I’m the first born, son of a first born son of a first born, my grandmother is also a firstborn, and to add “salt” (trauma) my parents had a ugly divorce just before my bar mitzvah, And in that situation – being the oldest in the house of my 6 siblings – I assumed much responsibility (too much) and matured faster than my peers in school which were still “just cracking out of their egg shell” – I am aware that – globally comparatively - my pain and struggles have been “outmatched” by others who have had pain and suffering far greater than mine – but this is not a competition – rather my point is to just give a reference point to were my mind was at the time and how I was seeing the world at the time. Also g-d bless those children who have no idea what I’m talking about because their parents were understanding healthy, supportive and strong people. So to summarize my ramblings, I feel like a leader, and I had my “salt and pepper” which was my personal pains when I realized my parents were divorced and I’ll leave it to others to elaborate on how painful that experience might be for the children involved.

I was taught all the basics of Judaism and grew up religious ultra-orthodox - I remember thinking as a child that “if Moshiach arrived – all of my personal troubles would be over” I remember - after the divorce and having a complicated argument with my mother - shoving my face into my pillow and crying to g-d and telling him I wanted Moshiach with all my heart and soul” yeah…

Today I look back and think that perhaps I did not have many options – or mental tools to deal with the situation – tackling the issue (my parents, were to live, how to move on in life) head on – did not seem like a good idea - “the issue” usually embodying itself into being my parents using the kids in their proxy war of pain with each other – also my parents seemed to act like did not make up their mind themselves on if they were right for “initiating the divorce” and they seemed to keep “shuffling the cards” (the kids) to try and “spit a new deck” that would “make things clear” for them and us… till this day I despise hotels and fancy restaurants or eating at other families homes, because those are the “tools” our parents used in order to try and win us over for their team. To me, every time I was in a restaurant with only one of my parents, I felt homeless, I felt like my wounds were on display for all to see, I’d rather just be home…. At least it’s just my broken family there… but spare me the audience of pizza store costumers…

So – as it turned out, my own issues pushed me to learn about world issues, for me it was not enough to fix my own problems #1 I wanted to make sure no one else had these issues either #2 I wanted to create a support group – a marketplace for others to learn about each other – perhaps I have a few ideas that can help you and vice versa, so there I was about 9 or 10 years old, reading “the holocaust diaries” series cover to cover, I was shocked #1 I realized my life was a joke, it was great, compared to what happened about 50 years back, #2 I realized that solving “the big issues” would be a lot more delicate and hard work than I even imagined. Bear in mind – I felt that most of my friends at the time were not “on the level” to sit and talk about this stuff, it was for the most part – me cooking in my own stew.

Just another thing I want to put out there in my opinion, for a successful divorce, both sides need to be selfish (narcissist) and 50% wrong for making such a move, if even one parent is smart or accepting – he will be able to be forgiving and “take the hit” for the sake of the wellbeing of the kids, obviously, so long a marriage is still officially still matched, than therapy (i.e. investing time and effort in the relationship) can upgrade the marriage, in my assumption, if you bring kids to the world you both have a responsibility to give them a childhood without ruining it, in my book, that means, keeping it together and not getting divorced (at least until the last child hits some 25 and is married).

Now that I am older – I have now divided my chores into 2 separate camps #1 I try and take care of my own personal issues and build a “private redemption” and #2 in my spare time I continue to work on the “general redemption” (if you want to see more on that see

Judaism does not see darkness as a being in it of itself, but rather the absence of light, based on that concept, the solution to not having mistakes repeated is one and the same as what you will be doing to fill the void (the darkness leaving is dependent on the light coming in) so, in our case, the reason the world is filled with darkness is due to a void of light. So what is light? Ask a Satanist and he will tell you the “teachings “of Lucifer…. But besides those nut heads. For me, being I have not inverted my reality just yet.

Light means a few important things:

#1 know history, if we all took a deep dive into our histories we would be shocked at how delicate “stability” is and how many millions of people could die at the whim of the wrong person in power so desiring it. This is true for both extremes, on the left and the right, too much of anything is not good.

#2 moral gravity, if good and evil are not properly defined, than even those wanting to do good cannot do so at will because there don’t know up from down. Learning the bible –or at least learning the 10 commandments or even better the 7 laws of Noah is usually a great “bedrock” for a moral base.

#3 the gem of many faiths “what you do not want done to you do not do to your friends” this rule allows for growth and development.

#4 taking responsibility while leaving room for g-d to do his magic. G-d really gives us free choice – freedom of information (you can’t make a good decision without understanding the bad option as well – those who want to shut down information want us to do bad things no doubt because without having something to compare it to we might think it’s ok) g-d wants us to be active in his creation – this is evident form the large amount of directives in the bible, never be passive in being “part of the community” always understand what g-d’s will is.

#5 do not indulge in “the nothings of this world” everything you do should have a point – a moral and ethical point – a way the world will be better because of it – don’t do things “for the hype” because you may feel a rush temporarily but your soul will catch up with you and remind you that the world is a dumber more dangerous place because you were busy directing people’s attention to “waste their time”.

My case against the police – the search for justice

I have never liked the police – I grew up in Brooklyn and never felt safe because of them – they only brought “the devil’s dark cloud” with them every time, it’s almost as if I could feel the their hand dripping with blood from the last poor victim they killed warning me to stay away from them, the justice system did not make a good impression on me either, I felt like the judge was scared of the cops, it was sad, no justice in the justice system, cops just stole money from me from time to time, I am not one to be exited to incriminate myself so I won’t go into detail, but I have never done anything wrong to anyone, and police just “flexed” on a easy target – me. I am like most – just pay the “fines” suck it up – and move on.

But I feel we are a long way from home – from redemption. The only place I felt at home – the only authority that solved a issue I had was Rabbi Schvei of the crown heights Brooklyn new York Jewish court. There are 2 other rabbis in there, but I never felt I can trust them, but rabbi shvei was smiling helpful comforting and happy to help me and another student, even though we had not a dime to give him for him helping us resolve our issue. May his memory be a blessing.

The thing is that with big world issues - there is no one person that can solve the problems – they need to be a team effort with everyone in the team giving all they got – we also need to have ideas that we can all agree on – and a way to figure that out – I thought that facebook or whatsaap would create a place for that – but who am I kidding - people in the social media platforms are working day and night to make sure that their platforms are not “lethal” in any way - WhatsApp limits group sizes – and Facebook limits how many friends you can have, and to top it off – people that get too popular are knocked off – like Alex jones or diamond and silk – to name a few. I don’t know what you heard about Alex jones – but he hates criminals (real one’s) loves g-d (and everything that is good) and sees himself as a fighter for freedom, so… why? Why shut him down? So sad.

The world is ready for good and proper change, you can smell it in the air, but again, the election is rigged, and the means of communication and expression are being compromised time and again. History is repeating itself no doubt.

The “conspiritorium” (the truther community…) have been worried about huge issues such as child trafficking, drug trafficking especially government sponsored – eugenics ideas - the backwards crowd of Satanists illuminati or call them whatever you want.

The military is also a very worrisome place to be – I don’t think anyone can talk to g-d today – so what gives all these secular governments the power to decide who should live and who should die? I see many “orthodox” people joining the military – but hey, does the government have the power to postpone the commandment of “do not kill”? And I don’t know how much they pay in the military – but is it worth it to risk your life for a few dollars? I don’t get it – and i will forever try to avoid threatening to kill others as a way of making a point.

in my mind killing is a LAZY solution to a complex issue – never to be used or promoted under any circumstances. Everything but the sword should be used to solve conflicts. We should be passed that by now. History should know…

Technology has so much promise – if only the government kept their stinky hands off our money! And our productivity.

Of course we cant go to much further without giving a bit of attention to the covid – hoax. What more can I say? All the idiots of society which LOVE telling everybody else what to do have jumped on board and blamed all their life issues on those who don’t listen to them in regards to covid.

It’s so sad to see. Masks are what the democrats and fake people want worldwide - to cover up their lifestyle which resembles a house of cards – corruption and shame stick to the high heavens – they “want a mask” to cover their ugly selves.

“The shot” bill gates has forever had 2 things #1 he sold the entire world software that would have been free. #2 he wants to do another run of selling to the entire world, but it’s a win-win – you see he is a faithful believer in the need to reduce the population – if he can sell us a faulty shot – he will #1 make the billions of dollars like he did back in the day - #2 he would of solved his faithful mission with the devil to reduce the population!

And just like with micro (penis) bill’s plan relies on a hook to pull it through - he knows people only buy what they want or need – so how to force so many people to kill themselves?

Well, just like with the computer software – when he used “law” to “patent” a bunch of software – to than sell it – he wants this time to – force – bribe -or do anything in his power – to make all governments comply with his forced vaccine agenda – instead of working hard to sell his product to billions of people he needs to kill – he can just have the POLICE (our dumb as a rock – just following orders – ass holes from our earlier episode) to do all the dirty work for him. (That picture of the Warsaw ghetto burning and 2 Nazi German soldiers walking away holding their bloody gloves comes to mind).

I needed to write this all down – I felt that all these thoughts were destroying me from inside, the powerlessness, I find myself looking at videos of people living out in the jungle or in middle of remote lake so appealing, they don’t need “to wear a mask” conform to peer pressure and laws with no logic behind them – no fear of the stupidities of mankind – no one trying to “explain them “ or “educate them “ or “change them “ just be what you want – who you are – how you are – that’s it – eat what you sew - no more – no less.

Is it too much to ask for? 2020 you are special.

Golan Heights, Israel.


Yosef Edery

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