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Parents & Police - fixing the issues.

Resentment towards the police in general is on on the rise - and as much as the mainstream media and party line "individual news sources" try to push the narrative as a "black on black problem" or "the first steps to a communist takeover", one cannot ignore the elephant in the room - and that is, that there is ample understanding explaining the deeds carried out these days against the cops - police have had it coming for a long time now, worldwide police have overstepped their legal and moral boundaries in too many instances - the initial expectation is that they are there "serving and protecting citizens when citizens are in need" but it becomes awfully evident that in too many instances they have acted like criminals who go out to hunt humans, extract money "justified" by man-made un-agreed-upon laws that are barely relevant in practice. such as "blinker" not activated "headlight busted" or other such things.

The fact that the police acts as judge jury and executer, topped off with a personal biased interest to take your money - is a terrible combination which is unreliable if you are looking for fair and merciful justice.

To STEAL MONEY OR TO BILL SOMEONE for petty crimes, non-violent and/or victimless crimes, just sets the person back financially and does not help the person fix the "issue" that the police "claim to care" about.

In Jewish ancient texts (pirkei avos) it says regarding the government: "be careful of the government, they seem to love you when they enjoy (benefit from you) , but they do not support a man when he is down" it seems that for thousands of years this has been the case with no letup. so what is different now?

Dr. Jordan Peterson says that there is no deed which goes unpunished in this world - you get what you give - and if you give the world a hard time, you will - pay. eventually. the police have stacked a debt with humanity and now humanity is collecting that debt, the world is a like wheel and if there is one group of people who think they are untouchable - have questionable moral and ethical values - are so similar to the criminals they "protect" people from that their actions are distinguishable (extortion, theft, murder, terror) it was inevitable that this wave of payback would come. so, welcome to the circus.

Now for one reason or another - for those who were born in the 70' 80' 90' or later - there seems to be a trend of abusive or negligent parents who have given their children enough trauma to work through 2 lifetimes at least (obviously there are those who do not fall in to that category and have nothing but respect and thanks to their parents).

In the past hundred years we have had 2 world wars, the holocaust, the technology revolution, and cultural integration and exposure on levels never seen before - all this while standards of living rise very fast - making the new generation expect more than the old one can comprehend - of course the older generation may be broken from wars and trauma and this is sometimes something the new generation cannot relate to, add to the mix that for many in the old generation going to therapy and the like is perceived as offensive to their honor and self worth, which the younger generation might see it as an opportunity in enchaining their quality of life - the older generation might feel that it will take away from their free will or "put them in a box they cannot control" all this makes the solutions to the mending of the issues that much harder.

The divorce rates are Higher than ever in recent years - the new generation seems to enjoy "playing around" more than it thinks building a honorable family is the top life priority - the "playing around" phase is a very lucrative business for certain bad players in the world which have an interest in keeping people in that stage for as long as possible. so hiding the right way of life and promoting the wrong way has become a hallmark selling point on all channels of communication or secular education.

And with religion being shoved down the pipes in it's leadership and enlightening roles for direction in the modern world - there seems to be a void of moral and ethical clarity for the general public. in many cases the central places of power and leadership been overrun by scared, little fragile leaders who carry Almont no actual leadership for their people - they are overwhelmed to respond all the time to events and situations which have nothing to do with the furthering of healthy and substantial moral and ethical guidance for the next generation.

The bible does stand on a free choice platform - it's main priority is life - so much so is the value of life important - that if life is in danger - the entire bibles laws become null and void in order to save a life (a Jew can eat non kosher food if his life is in danger, and so on) the Jewish people are the older brother of the 3 dominating faiths of the world, and have much insight to share, the Jewish faith can put the world on a path that will bring the world to it's full good potential - my question is - will the world give us a chance?

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Article written by: yosef edery

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