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MNG: Rafa will fall, Hamas will cease, Gazan Arabs will be Liberated by Israel.

Although there are many in the military industral complex that do not want Israel to ever finish the war in Gaza, because the ongoing conflicts allow the testing, selling and research and development of new weapons, it seems like the united states and Israel must end the "Gaza project".

No matter how you flip it, the October 7th Hamas actions are unforgivable and politically toxic, if Bibi doesn't eliminate Hamas from Gaza as he promised many times. his government will collapse and reelection will commence.

On the bright side for the Palestinians (Arabs) in Gaza, the elimination of hamas and the IDF military control of Gaza by Israel followed by a Jewish government will ensure the prosperity and human rights for the entire population. The integration of Israeli and Jewish people to the Gaza area will deter any terrorist education from reentering the education systems of the local population and finnaly the Arabs of Gaza will enjoy the best human rights in the Middle East together with their fellow 2 million Arabs in Israel today.

For the Israeli and Jewish population, this means that they will not have the threat of terrorism from the Gaza area ever again. And the people of Israel can get to work with repairs to the economy and the ultimate and complete redemption.

For the war mongorors, the situation is still great, as Israel and the Alliance have much bigger fish to fry. Hezzbollah and Iran need to be cleaned up from terrorism and this will be the new frontier for the military industries.

So in a nut shell, my dear gentleman, sit back relax, support Israel and the Alliance, support the IDF, your family and friends in the holy land, and join with hashem in manifesting the redemption by eradication of terror and justice for all those who are still being held captive by Hamas.

May hashem guide our leaders to make the right decisions and be surrounded by good people, may hashem take the fear from their hearts and give them the wisdom and peace to fulfill this sacred mission in perfect just, truth and only than, peace.

This Article is dedicated to the Minkowits family, may hashem bless them and their children for all of time phisically and spiritually for their support of the Sanhedrin Initiative.

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