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"2 state solution is off the table" Israel's Sanhedrin Initiative's stance. #2 Advisor Rabbi Avi Feld

2 state solution is off the table
2 state solution is off the table

In Response to our earlier article 2 state solution is off the table published by Sanhedrin Advisor Rabbi Yosef Edery (Link) Rabbi Avi Feld added a few words:

Greetings and Blessings/ שלום וברכה

As usual Rav Yosef Edery שליט''א has contributed to our awareness of the times we live in.

The Rav is creative, thinking out of the box. He has once again revealed in brilliant ways the situations in which we are found.

We appreciate his devoted educational out-reach on the topic of Sanhedrin.

He in his daily life spreads and teaches the importance of Torah in all of our lives.

We of our respective organizations would like to publicly agree with him and add some thoughts on various issues.

As has been said the Jews are like the canary in the coal mine.

The enemies of humankind Frist go up against the Jewish people and the Torah.

Then they eliminate many others. Israel's fight is really the fight for the rest of the world for freedom, justice and peace.

Here for example is a breaking news statement of Iranian leadership.

Truly, we who watch Iran, have heard the following since the fanatics' have taken over in 1979.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has often said: the use of the war against the existence of Israel, is a preclude to world dominance.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has exclaimed that: the war in Gaza is all about their program to reshape the whole wide world into their image and likeness. Those who won't surrender will face horrific destruction.

That's what their word means, when taken in context of their lunatic fanatic ideas!

Make no mistake about this,

their goal is to come to you (all the nations, including ultimately the Sunni ,whom they have fought for 1300 years).

They believe that this conflict will accelerate their dominion. They feel they can count on deeply ingrained Hate against Jews within Christianity to put pressure by way of Law fare to hurt Israel's' ability to conduct war-fare.

They celebrate the opportunity Oct.7th has given them in their twisted minds.

The truth is all countries of good-will should support israel as well as back up the many minorities in Iran. They, and millions of Iranians outside of Iran should be helped to bring down their shameful dictatorship.

As well as millions of regular Iranians which want freedom. Some - but not all - of the suffering minorities are listed here: The Southern Azerbaijanis terribly suffering. The Turkmens, Kurds, Baloch, Anwazi Arabs, Christians, Bahai, Zoroastrians etc. etc. etc.!

Please, a call for honesty! Arab leadership in Hamas, The Palestinian Authority and 15 other groups ,see getting another state (53 plus Muslim States, 23 plus are Arab!) as a ploy to destroy Israel, Jews and Judaism.

This false narrative, in their words is merely a tactic to break Israel down in pieces. The Arabs already have about 8O% percent of the British Mandate Palestine.

That was supposed to be a homeland for the Jews. The same time 23 Arab states were craved out of Ottoman Turkey .

THE ARABS also got about 80% percent to make the state of Palestine, namely the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine. Present day Israel is less than one percent of the Ottoman Turk state, and now less than around 20% percent of the land, British Mandate Palestine, is now part of the Jewish State.

The Arabs have 5 Million square miles, with much oil. Israel being only a tiny percent of land. Yet even this, the hatred of fanatic Islam, can't stand it. They want Israel under the ground and any compromises to them according to their own words ,would be used to destroy Israel, and lead the way towards world domination.

Remember much of Arab Muslim, also called Palestinians we're thrilled, proud and supportive of the horrific Oct.7 pogrom. If this was up to them, This will be repeated over and over again as soon as possible. Their words, hopes and planning ,not ours.

They see the entire area as Arab Muslim. They merely use Palestine as a tactical way of breaking down and cutting up Israel.

with blessings and prayers for understanding, unity, and devotion to Hashem, and a swift and crushing victory for israel over it's advisories.

your Sanhedrin Advisor

Rabbi Avi Fled.

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