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"2 state solution is off the table" Israel's Sanhedrin Initiative's stance.

Updated: Mar 27

Phote credit. Moshe Cohen, graduates of the Givati brigade, Be'er Sheva, Israel

This past Tuesday.

Hi I'm rabbi yosef Edery and I'd like to officially put forth a rational position on the 2 state solution that seems to be being pushed around, I feel it is important to understand how detached from reality this talk is and how improper it is not only for Jews but for all mankind. Here I put forth 10 points followed by a closing statement on behalf of the Sanhedrin initiative Advisory and justice leagues.

10 reasons why a 2 state solution is off the table in regards to Israel's future.

#1 the well-being of minorities

In any part of Israel that had any kind of Palestinian rule, minorities lost their rights, this is a downgrade from Israeli rule were fairness of rights are given to all.

#2 the flourishing of terrorism

Any Palestinian state has proven to become a hotbed of terrorism and a threat to civilization as we know it.

#3 fear rules and democracy dies

In any Palestinian state, even the good people are in fear of speaking out against antisemitism or human rights violations, and similarly they are scared to vote for changes in leadership as they are blackmailed in fear for any progress.

#4 no justice system

In any Palestinian state the lack of a court system with independent status to pass justice in a non political way is virtually non existent, justice in these territories are to Rubber stamp the local terrorist authorities.

#5 danger to the locals

The locals are used as human shields, and are seen as cannon fodder for the local terrorist authorities.

#6 corruption in education

The education is geared to making people who have no skills other than serving the terrorists, this includes bending history and religion out of context to create a false reality which it's fruits are terrorists and terrorism.

#7 and #8 non compatible with west or orthodox values

Such a state has no compatibility with western values of freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

More so any orthodox people be it jewish Muslim or Christians will not be able to live and practice in this state, as they are not falling in line with the narrative of terrorism.

#9 the land, book and people need to manifest redemption

Being that the children of Israel need to manifest the redemption - a role no other nation can fulfill, as is well written about in all sacred texts of the 3 great faiths, the idea of Palestinian state becomes a hindrance to the truth seeker and the manifestation of the redemption, not only for Jews but for all mankind.

#10 The creator of the universe has given this land to the children of Israel

It's acceptad by all faiths that the children of Israel are the owners of the land of Israel as g-d has given it to then, add to that Abraham, king David and many more have purchased the land of Israel for the children of Israel many times over. Thus the legality of ownership is in favor of the jewish people.

With the above mentioned reasons and line of thinking it is clear that even discussing a 2 state solution is off the table for Israel, anyone who entertains this idea should be aware that he is counted amongst the enimeis of Israel.

He should know that this talk is antisemitism at its finest, and it may result in the spilling of innocent blood in the world, jewish and otherwise.

As lead advisor for the Sanhedrin initiative and in the name of my fellow judges and advisors of the Sanhedrin initiative, we hereby declare the following, a 2 state solution is off the table in all talks moving forward in the October 7th simchat torah war.

In particular, we advise and judge that Gaza be retaken under the wing of Jewish leadership and ownership and be settled by the children of Israel, under jewish Halacha law.

If this option is too difficult for the IDF to ensure, than Gaza should be reduced to a non livable area as to send a clear message to any terrorist authority in the middle east, if you start terror only ash and rubble will be your legacy.

With blessings for a joyous Purim,

Rabbi Yosef Edery

Lead advisor to the Sanhedrin initiative

Golan Heights Israel

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