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MNG: German Government's fight for Justice is missing a key component.

As many of you know, ever since world War 2 German people and their government have been scrambling to understand what they did that upset the world so much.

Most Germans needed to educate themselves what in the world is a jew in the first place, and why genocide of the Jews was seen as a not good thing by the world...

Today we might say that many German people have been studying the torah and joined the jewish people in some capacity or another (like the Honorable members of the nation of Ephraim), many Germans have visited the holy land of Israel and volunteer to assist holocaust survivors in many ways.

Many Germans are ashamed that their grandparents were involved in the Nazi idiology and it's end goal.

But when we talk of the German government we get mixed messages, on one hand, from a outward approach we see that officially the German government is cooperating with chabad jewish leaders in various capacities, we also see that Germany has a strong understanding of the need to stand with the state of Israel now during the war in Gaza in comparison to some of the other European countries in Europe.

That being said, if we try to compare the German political situation to the USA or any western country we will quickly find ourselves at a loss, Germany has no traditional g-d fearing right wing political parties or leaders like Trump in the US or Bibi in Israel.

The choices are all socialism and more socialism, it seems like the most "right" you can get is a lesbian woman, so they tell me.

Now as most things are in Germany, it's complicated for no good justified reason, but nevertheless, let's keep going down this rabbit hole....

In his day, Hitler may his name be erased, ran with the nazis as a extreme right wing party, and it's good to see (I guess) that Germany is not interested in going in that direction ever again thus they perhaps avoid the right wing (?) and the national element of Hitlers political Nazi party, but then again Hitler was a socialist! Who's to say that socialism without nationalism is good??? Perhaps the poison is in the socialism and not the nationalism?

And truly, in German politics, it's costumery that the more "right leaning you are" the more you should tolarate all kinds of Nazi idiology groups.

Which is weird for an American to understand because in America most of the proper antisemites are in the left, not the right.

Whats most sad about German politics is that there is not enough variety in the political culture for people to choose from, it's or vanilla socialism or chocolate socialism....

All this being said, there seems to emerge another issue, socialism really does not have a proper toolbox to truly understand the intricate concept of antisemitism, it's not part of its "manifesto"...

To understand antisemitism you need to understand Jews, to understand Jews you need to be traditional, to be traditional you need to have true faith in g-d, and these things are not specifically popular traits that socialists have...

Socialists like to try and look at the world as a pot of strew, and they try to briefly look at different groups of people who have issues and mix and match them to bring more stability to the "area".

There's nothing more exiting for a socialist than bringing a new "batch of cookies" / migration, into the country and to take it as a challenge to integrate them into the SOCIAL system.

This is why we saw so much excitement with the Muslim migration to Germany with the now viral video "Habibi welcome to Germany".

For the same reasons that socialists don't truly understand the jewish people, so too they don't truly understand the Muslims (and their radical elements) either, this great push for inclusion of Muslim and Arab people to Germany seems to be one of the worst decisions of the last few years.

The price is being paid as we speak.

For those Germans who are of faith, and have connected to the torah and the jewish people, for those who still try and develop their traditional culture of faith in their family to serve g-d and do good deeds to bring moshiach closer. They should keep doing that great positive work and try to be a light to those around them.

And for those in Socialist Germany, please educate yourself in detail into the jewish faith and the Muslim faith, because understanding how people who believe in g-d think, will give you the true talent of "mixing and matching" groups of people.

As a general rule, it's a terrible idea to mix different kinds of people together, look at what happens in jail in the USA, all the Mexicans make their own gang, the whites their gang the blacks their gang... And so on...

People get along with similar kinds of people for the most part, and this attempt to force mix people usually ends in disaster....

Every Jew knows that We as humanity have a sacred mission to make this world a better place, to be kind to each other, to give charity, to forgive each other, to grow and protect the world of g-d, to build a home on the foundations of justice, truth and peace, our enemy is those who kill and steal. Not our family and friends nor our fellow man.

Socialism as well as communism is just a attempt to sell the redemption to humanity as written in the torah, but the jewish writors tried to create a redemption without the torah and without g-d, the issue is that on the other side of g-d and the torah.... Lies the devil, hell and death....

This is why socialism and anarchy go hand in hand, the tearing down of the that is great and functional in the "hopes" to "make it better" is a plot of devil...

If it were up to me I would add the seven laws of Noah for all mankind to the public education system in Germany as well as a moment of silence to pray in the morning (let each kid ask his parents how to pray) there should be more opportunities for students to do their masters or other studies in relation to jewish law, jewish life, and Jewish history, there should be a more intense study of Islam and it's impact on the world, and more openness in politics because as good as socialism might be it is truly lacking many tools a functioning society might need.

The key component Germany is missing is a connection to g-d, once they develop it, they will understand the world around then better and make better decisions.

P. S. From here in the Golan Heights of Israel, The Sanhedrin Initiative Advisory and Justice boards wish all our friends from Germany in The nation of Ephraim a happy pesach and freedom from any shackles of slavery or misunderstanding they may be in.

Rabbi Yosef Edery

Golan Heights Israel

WhatsApp +972524971349

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