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Sanhedrin: Passover celebrated while Israel manifests freedom in real time.

from the time the Jewish people left Egypt thousands of years ago the traditions of Passover have been celebrated by jews no matter what was going on around them, it was/and is a timeless reminder for the Jewish people to stay focused on their freedom and redemption.

this year brings new joy and anticipation, israel finds itself in a similar position as the children of israel of old, it seems only Hashem and a great miracle can manifest the safety israel so desperately needs.

as Jewish people in the holy land prepare for Pesach, the Israel Defense Forces are working with world leaders to crush terrorism from the face of the earth once and for all, and it feels like this Passover will hold much more meaning than any other before in modern history, as it correlates not only with the tradition of freedom, but it is manifesting before our very eyes.

The Sanhedrin Initiative Judges and Advisors have put out a proclamation psak din according to Jewish law, that for the sake of the defense of Israel, all military units can do work on Shabbat and now on Pesach as well, as life saving work takes higher priority over the laws of the holyday.

we wish all our supporters a happy and kosher Pesach, and may we see great wonders before our eyes this Pesach in particular. wishing all of Israel joy wealth and freedom.

While all this is going on, here at the NOE & SI Golan Embassy the foundation for a Economic structure which is Just, True and Peaceful is underway, to fulfill many torah commands physical Gold & Silver is needed as the holy "cash" of the torah.

with this being said, there still seems to be a need for a digital way of transferring funds for all things related to the torah, therefore the Sanhedrin Initiative is working closely with the Zooz crypto team to manifest new options for torah observant individuals to fulfill Mitsvos. stay tuned for updates on the Sanhedrin Market Page of our website.

as illustrated below, we have the Sanhedrin Torah Based Justice monitoring the Economic tools for honestly and fair trade. followed by gold and silver options as a cash currency to carry value with, with a option for the truth seeker community to use the Zooz crypto for non local transactions. we hope these options give more flexibility to those working tirelessly to manifest redemption in our day, without the fear of theft or corruption while they focus on their holy work of making this world a better place in accordance with the 7 laws of Noach and the torah way.

Rabbi Yosef Edery

Sanhedrin Advisor.

Ad: Help teach the people around you about Moshiach by Buying some silver temple coins and giving them out/selling them, to your friends and family. teach the people around you about the story of freedom this Pesach holyday.

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