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Why has Israel been protesting?

So, the camps were "devided" on 2 basic sides.

  1. Right wing: in this group the most popular is Itamar Ben gvir and betsalel Smotrich leadership of the "Otsmah Yehudit" (jewish power) party, in cooperation with the well known likud party led by democratically elected members with the leader being bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel. Joining them are the Ultra Orthodox jewish Sephardic community led by Aryei Deri and the Ashkenazi Ultra Orthodox jewish community led by the "Gimmel" party. In summary this is a proper right wing party with all it's members being at least religious Jews or ultra Orthodox.

On the "other side" you have... What's "left" devil worshipers, globalists, self hating Jews, Arabs, insane feminists who ruined the once famous "workers party" into a "woke" wasteland. And honestly a bunch of libral socialists who are at war with hashem, the torah, the jewish value system, fairness in general, they don't value justice in a Moral or torah/biblically ethical way, and life is just a means to an end, human rights is just a slogan to use as a way to get to a end.

Point being as the right wing won the election with 4 extra seats, this was a clear win for team "hashem" but surprise, the left decided to go to war with the election results and all of the sudden used all means necessary to shut Israel down. By protesting, shutting down main highways, even the airport and telling their people in all kinds of positions to quit their jobs, all the way to the military.

At first the right stays at home, figured the police would handle the protests and that the protests wouldn't have a effect on justice reform passing through, but as time passes, The protests were mirrored by right wing protests which outnumbered the left protests by huge numbers, and while the left had gay couples kissing as their main "attraction" the right sang songs of prayer to hashem and chanted slogans of truth. While the left ran and hid from the right when the right numbers increased, one right wing protester single handedly stopped a highway and a full bus of left wing protesters.

Although all the enemies of the jewish people sent millions of dollars to support the left protests, the right wing outdid them in numbers and impact in their spare time.

Many feel like this whole thing is wrong or fake or similar to the 2 years of the virus... Like something doesn't add up...

While all this is going on the Sanhedrin initiative Scouting Mission campaign is on it's way better than ever before with over 20 judges and advisors ready to go.

As we wrote earlier, New plans are underway, and while the legislation for the justice reform is paused, the Sanhedrin initiative goes on stronger than ever.

It's inevitable that Israel's image will be more and more of a Jewish state as the smart left minds run from Israel and the smart right minds stay because of Judaism.

The lion of juda is awakening, join us


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