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When routine service loses purpose in the service of Hashem

מצות אנשים מלומדה

Mitsvas Anashim Melumada

This term describes a orthodox religious jew who got into the routine of doing the Mitsvos of the torah, and although in the beginning, he was doing it with the correct intent, as time went on, he forgot why he was doing the mitsvah and he just got into the routine, the alter rebbe said that this is a extremely dangerous place for the jew to be in because the inevitably is that he will stop doing the mitsvah all together.

Also, this kind of person sometimes does not see himself "sick" or apart from his fellow jewish brothers, as in appearance, they are the same,

Eventually the reasons for doing the mitsvah become irrelevant to Judaism, and they become connected to the persons private life for example "I'll go to pray to meet my friends" and the purpose of prayer and standing before the king of kings the creator blessed be he, is forgotten.

Mentally this also creates a distance from this jew, to his brothers who are still following the torah for the right reasons, as when the "infected" jew argues with his friends about the fulfillment of the Mitsvos which also includes the reasons for the mitsvahs, the infected jew starts to use the torah to try and pull the mitsvah towards his newfound interests, and this creates confusion in the g-d fearing camp.

Of course, we can now agree that this is a danger for the g-d fearing person, now this is different from a similar scenario called מתוך שלא לשמה בא לשמה

Which translates to "from the start it's not done for the right reason, at the end it will be for the right reason"

Sometimes a person is committed to do the Mitsvos for the right reasons, however, he can't bring himself to do them alone, so a freind will tell him "I'll pay you to learn with me" or something similar... But once he sits down to learn, he's involved 100% and it becomes revealed that he enjoys the learning, remembers hashem, the giver of the torah and so on, the only thing that is missing in his service is that he needs his friend to nudge him along... On this we say, that "even though he's not fulfilling the mitsvah from the right place in the beginning, at the end he will do the mitsvah for the right reason".

This is common with children as well, which are given a treat to pray and learn torah, we say that when they get older they will be able to pray without the need for a treat and be aware of the presence right hashem in their prayers.

Another point in regards to the "routine Jews" is that because Judaism works so well for them in its current state, moving forward with the geulah mitsvos is a threat to them and seen as unnecessary to them, so much so that they will fight the g-d fearing Jews trying to bend the torah out of context to maintain the "status quo".

For example, if the rebbe, leader of the jewish people, told his followers to "do all you can" to bring/accept/greet Moshiach" and the g-d fearing Jews see that according to jewish law/Halacha the Sanhedrin clearly needs to be established as part of this mission, you will have 2 camps emerge.

The first camp, trying to serve hashem and listening to the rebbe, will see this as a opportunity to fulfill a Mitsvah they never did before, they will be exited to put together the Sanhedrin to fulfill the mitsvah of "judges and police you shall put in all your gates" as for the g-d fearing jew, he is happy to add more mitsvos he can fulfill in this world.

But the "routine jew" will see this as a waste of time, because to do this, is to put more resources into such a Mitsvah, and for what? So long the "routine jew" does not see a way this will benefit him in the short term in his specific personal life, the fact that it is a Mitsvah is not convincing enough for him.

Of course the truth is that there is no such a thing as a Mitsvah that we don't benefit from short term and long term, and if he would think for a bit he would have arrived at that conclusion.

For example, a standing Sanhedrin would mean any jew in the world, and any non jew who wishes to settle their differences especially in regards to the torah justice way, would have a outlet or option for the first time, to do so in a proper jewish court.

This is not just a need in the Geula Process, it also has benefits in the short term, it can save marriages, settle differences between governments and their citizens and much more...

Even for the "crook" when you are right, get judged by the Sanhedrin, because they specialize in bringing the truth to light and your chances of a justice to your benefit is high, when you are wrong, get a good lawyer (lier) and go to your local corrupt government court....

Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day....

Another point, לפי שהוציא את עצמו מן הכלל כפר בעיקר

The frierdiker rebbe explaines in Lekutei Diburim 3-4, because he thinks that certain mitsvos are important but other mitsvos are not, he is a heretic in g-d".

The premise is, hashem is king, the Mitsvos are his laws, and if you claim to be under hashems kingdom, you will follow all the laws, and trust that hashem took you out of Egypt so that you will be free, and that these laws are to maintain said freedom, hashem truly does not need our prayers nor our torah study, it is only for our benefit so we stay a free people under hashem, just like parents don't need their kids homework... It's for the kids benefit alone, but in the moment we rebel ageinst hashem and start to use our limited minds to decide which mitsvos we accept and which not, we are undermining our relationship with the king of kings, the creator blessed be he.

All this being said there is just one more thing to consider, 3 are not obligated to fulfill the Mitsvos, someone who is deaf, an insane/or stupid person, and a minor.

Therefore, as is the jewish tradition, let's judge in the benefit of the doubt, those who are against the establishment of the Sanhedrin, that they fall into one of the 3 categories and that truly when they get older, or smarter, or when they begin to hear, they surly will accept the kingdom of hashem and all of the Mitsvos with love and fear of g-d, and not only will they not be a hindrance to the Sanhedrin Establishment but rather will take a great part in its establishment, amen.

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