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Controversy Over ICEJ Leadership

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The story of Christian leadership at the ICEJ not qualified to receive visas has broken on many Israel-related websites, such as this one here.

As of late, many Jewish people find themselves confused about which moral side to choose regarding the actions taken by the Israeli government to withhold these visas.

Pushing against the ICEJ, surprisingly comes a non-Jew, now an ultra-Orthodox Noahide leading thousands throughout Europe in Torah and the Noahide way. Mr. Ulf Diebel has written strong words against the ICEJ and thinks Israel is doing exactly what it should be doing: protecting the faith of the Jewish people against missionary or cult work.

Mr. Ulf Diebel from Nation Of Ephraim writes:

"The very and only reason why Dr. Jürgen Bühler and the ICEJ, Zionist Christians form Bridges for Peace, or Christian Friends of Israel, or other such organizations are in Jerusalem, is because they believe that Jesus is coming back soon."

This, of course, is not what Jewish law says in regarding the "King Moshiach" (see Rambam Yad Hachazakah, Hilchot Melachim Perek Alef and onwards), and this faith borders on - or is explicit - idol worship according to the Torah. Unfortunately, the Christian faith leaders often take the Torah (and the new testament) so out-of-context that not only does it not help the truth seeker arrive at the truth - but rather it becomes a hindrance to truth seeker.

Mr. Ulf Diebel finished with a suggestion to "take over the ICEJ and teach the nations the Torah from Zion again."

As it seems it was clear to Mr. Ulf Diebel that the leadership at the ICEJ was not fit to bring the truth of the Torah to the world and surly not worthy of the Holy Land.

The current right-wing majority, Torah-observant government headed by the legendary popular Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, is not interested in Jewish kids being influenced by "Jesus" on the streets of the Holy Land.

As Rabbi Yosef Edery explains in this video, it is extremely disrespectful, frustrating, and outright against THE TORAH - as well as Israeli law - to missionize among Jewish kids in Israel.

For Jews, this brings back memories of the horrors of the 2,000 years of exile. For Sephardic Jews, particularly the Spanish Inquisition where Jews were burnt at the stake for refusing to convert to Christianity, and for Ashkenazi Jews, the Pogroms in which Jewish towns were attacked, many killed, kids stolen, and many other horrors, all in the name of Christianity and the Church.

Anyone with even basic Torah study should know that the action of trying to convince a fellow to stray from faith in anything other than one g-d is a blatant transgression of the Torah as the torah tells us; a false prophet must be put to death lest he comes and sways you to believe in false gods.

The issue with the trinity or the claim that "J" is god is that it violates the commandment against idol worship in the Torah. Now, for a Jew, Torah law is sacred and must be fulfilled.

It seems non-Jews are not spared the indoctrination conditions of the ICEJ. Those who go "out of line" of full faith in that "Jesus is god" and that "he is returning as the Messiah" are violently and dishonorably thrown out of the organization, as has happened to Mr. Ulf Diebel after years and years of work within the organization.

So, the organization is headed by Mr. Yung Buler from Germany, and as of now to our best understanding, has non-profit status, which means that all the millions (yes, millions) of dollars funneled through the organization never assist the state in any way as far as taxes.

Nor is this kind of Christian missionary work at the ICEJ a service to the Jewish people in the Holy Land, as we have clearly explained that their ways violate anti-missionary Israeli law and the Torah laws themselves!

Without the above information, it would be easy to assume that "hey look, they're just friends of Israel, just give them a break," but it seems that the case is not so.

in our day as the floodgates of information are more open than ever, ignorance is more of a choice than a misfortune, sometimes minds are bent due to lack of good friends or communities. or due to fear of others other than g-d, as we saw during the 2 year charade...

It seems like the ICEJ is run like a business, has the benefits of a non-profit organization, lacks cooperation with the Orthodox Jewish Leadership, and has not come to the Holy Land to learn from the chosen people at all but to teach a defunct way to serve g-d which ironically includes idol worship.

I can see why innocent Christians, not knowing better, might have supported or used the services of the ICEJ, thinking that with this, they are getting closer to G-d. But I'm afraid that this is not helping in the redemption process but rather delaying it.

The Potential:

In the hands of capable Ultra-Orthodox Noahides under Rabbinical supervision, the ICEJ can fulfill its initial mission statement: "For from Zion will go forth Torah, and the word of Hashem from Jerusalem."

But I fear that the current leadership is not cut from that cloth.

For those who want to truly support the redemption narrative according to Jewish Torah law, please see details on the Sanhedrin initiative Advisory and Justice Boards and the 4-step plan for redemption at our main website.

This would also be a great opportunity to point out the Brit Olam organization inviting Noahides and the nations to this year's Sukkot gathering, as it says in the Torah that all must come to the Holy Land and rejoice to bring blessings to their native lands.

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