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Torah Justice Urgency Grows - City Without Courts of Justice, Shchem... like Gaza.

As the war persists and numerous prisoners of war are processed, determining who deserves the death sentence and who does not, identifying citizens in the Holy Land of Israel as allies or not to the Jewish people, is just a small example of the pressing matters demanding correct justice without error.

Errors in these cases, and the delay of correct justice, can have far-reaching effects across the Holy Land and even the world, as we witness today with "recycled terrorists" from previous hostage deals returning to harm the Jewish people or people in general across the world.

Now, more than ever, implementing the Sanhedrin Establishment with 70 Torah scholars to make decisions based on Torah true justice, as the Jewish people rightly should, will provide the correct answer to dealing with the enemies of Israel and civilization during these times.

Before the war, the citizens of Israel cried out to reform the justice system. In the eyes of the population of the Land of Israel, justice, in general, was becoming rarer than ever before in a country held back by injustice from reaching its full potential.

It was clear to the majority that justice was in order.

In summary, as we stand today, the need for The Sanhedrin Initiative grows ever more urgent than before.

Some might ask, what is the Torah angle of looking at the unfolding war? What is the Torah position for the people of Gaza?

Sanhedrin Advisor Mr. Moshe Yosef Cohen gives us a story in the Torah we can use to compare to the modern unfolding situation

(comparing cases to make judgment is the Torah legal term of קל וחמר, used to implement law by the Sanhedrin/Beis Din as part of their role in manifesting the Torah in action today, as the oral tradition is upheld primarily by the Sanhedrin).

Mr. Moshe Cohen writes:

"The government needs to be like Shimon and Levi, who took revenge against Shechem for the abduction and defiling of Dinah. The similarities are quite apparent to the hostages of today.

According to Rambam, the citizens of Shechem were guilty of a capital crime for not following the Noachide Law of establishing courts of law and a moral legal structure."

The fact that Gaza has no God-fearing, acting court systems in place for people to receive judgment and resolve their problems in a diplomatic manner is a primary reason for how their leadership lost the plot of civilization and came to bent conclusions to do what they did.

Shimon and Levi, in the story of Shechem, saw an entire town that had no intention of stopping their leader or protesting the vile acts done upon their sister. In this moment, the entire town becomes a partner to the vile acts of Chamor and is worthy of death.

Hashem made us humans with intelligence; He gave us the wisdom to know good from not good, to have a warm heart for those we care about.

This is not just a character trait of the human race; it is also a responsibility, one that was held against the people of Shechem back then for not calling out their leaders for the wrong they were doing.

Today, the people in Gaza are paying dearly for allowing the bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists to exist and terrorize people unopposed for so long.

May Hashem give wisdom and make the leaders of Israel vessels to receive these words and hasten their efforts to establish the Sanhedrin so that all of Israel, led by example, passes justice with the 70 Judges, Torah scholars, "people of war, God-fearing, people of truth, haters of greed."

And in this merit, may we all see the truth and have peace forever.

Rabbi Yosef Edery

Golan Heights, Israel.

Lead Sanhedrin Initiative Advisor

WhatsApp +972524971349

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