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The Other Spectrum

By: Shon lei

In a world where conflicts and dispute span across many cultures and religions, the need for a world court that which address such issues become more in demand.

Court systems, justice systems in the Western world, have been notably different than court in Asia, which runs on a completely different cultural background.

But within these differences, as real as they are, are also common moral values that converge.

Western law cannot be applied to China, nor Afghanistan, nor Saudi Arabia. Despite this, Western Law shares some of the common moral grounds upheld by all nationalities.

We all strive for good. One can say he or she arrives for "evil", but evil that which is sought after cannot be defined as good, for if not for the goodness within that evil, why pursue evil in the first place? Therefore it can be said that everyone strives for good, but it is the definition of "good" that diverge.

Such is the complex world of morality we live in.

Morality is simple, but it is not simple. It takes critical thinking, as well as an intuitive understanding of what morality truly means.

Justice systems that emphasizes the intellectual and mechanical applications of laws, statutes and codes may miss out on the intuitive aspects of law. Such law cannot be applied to cultures in which such system was simply not adopted.

Justice systems that are crude, may rely only on street justice and execution, but many innocent people may be wrongfully accused, or punished.

Therefore, the world needs a justice system that has the capacity for both.

The San Hedrin Court system will encompass the traditional 71 Judge scholars, 72 advocates, and one spokesperson. Each of the 71 Judge scholar will need to be qualified in at least 7 languages.

Without critical thinking there can be no precision and clarity in judgment. Without intuition and spirituality, there can be no understanding of why we have a justice system in the first place.

Therefore, the Hedrin Court System will be an actual, functioning court that which serves the people of the world. Whether it be civil, criminal, or business, it seeks to resolve disputes with competence, wisdom, integrity and compassion.

Note: The San Hedrin Court System will not participate in law enforcement or military peace keeping actions, but rather, conduct all its functions in an advisory capacity. It seeks to resolve disputes before cases are being delegated to international bodies such as the UN.

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