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so FAuci is top dog now?!

I'm concerned that Trump hasn't realized that he's indulged Fauci with the power to control the outcome of the lives of so many, and even the economic survival of the country. This was all based on the knowledge that Fauci not only participated in the engineering of COVID, but has threatened to release further waves of 2nd and 3rd generation viruses. If Trump opens the economy, Fauci can open the faucet to the next epidemic.

Because this impostor gave grossly exaggerated predictions of the lethality of the virus, DeBlasio and Cuomo 'cooperated' in an epidemiological experiment that both mislabeled as many deaths in NY as possible as being COVID - related; discharged contagious patients to Skilled Nursing Facilities; or sent them home from E.R.'s, causing the virus to spread into the homes and communities of the carriers, while prohibiting the early and effective use of Hydroxyquinolone, Zithromax, Zinc, and Vitamin C. In addition, placing patients in Respiratory Distress on Respirators even knowing that this intervention carried a 90% mortality, was perpetuated despite empirical evidence from professionals in the ICU that a COVID patient placed on on a Respirator was tantamount to a death - certificate. The culminating negative outcome of faulty medical protocols was never scientifically examined or justified, while preventing the community's ability for a less aggressive, and more time-tested treatments (early treatment with Hydroxyquinolone etc) as well as delaying the path to a natural economic recovery, untainted by the fear and number- distortions by the mainstream media.

Having a tight relationship with Bill Gates, allowed Fauci and other One-World-Order imposters to delay the reopening of government and civil society until a vaccine could be mandated. I call them imposters because this is a means to a pre-determined end - the control of society through surveillance ("contact - tracing") and our enslavement to the triad of government, high-tech, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Furthermore, why did we allow them to dwell on the certainty of safe and efficacious vaccines as the inevitable endpoint when they failed in the prevention of HIV, Malaria, and SARS; and to date have been toxic and ineffective in animals. Yet the media, and the fifth-wheel of this deadly chariot - the majority of Democratic and RINO Governors and Mayors, continue to perpetuate a concept that won't offer salvation to the brainwashed fools volunteering their bodies (something that couldn't be sustained in a Free Society) while injecting life into a myth that threatens all of our civil liberties. Hence the "mandate" - the threat by Protective Services at the barrel of a gun: A hypothetical vaccine for which we've been willing to sacrifice our First Amendment.

Why the need to mandate something that's so obviously for our good ? Are we fools or children, willing without pause - to just follow orders by submitting to the control of our (so-called) Caregivers - a Communist Beurocracy married to Big-Oharma ? Who threaten to unleash further epidemic waves of Biological Weapons, irrespective of the potential damage mandated by their equally poisonous antidotes. And we appear to be as vulnerable as ever to participate in foregoing our civil liberties to these high-tech masters because they once again justify tyranny as being entirely philanthropic.

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