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Sanhedrin: America needs to swiftly follow through with Israel on Iran terrorism.

Updated: Apr 15

Israel and the allies, united states, France England, Saudi Arabia and others have successfully done the impossible, they have withheld a full scale Iranian attack from killing innocent people in the holy land of Israel.

Picture: Sanhedrin initiative Advisors visit hotels holding Jewish and Arab refugees from Kiryat Shmona which have been forced to move to Haifa because of terrorism from Hezbollah and others during the current war.

(Credit: picture taken by Alexander from Ephraim Media Truth)

Now America has told Israel to work with it to "sanction Iran" and slowly squeeze Iran into submission.

As me and my fellow Sanhedrin initiative advisors and judges live in the Golan Heights and the greater Israel, In our opinion though, This passive calculated way of thinking is extremely dangerous when dealing with a country such as Iran, and does not mirror the reality on the ground.

The radical Muslim extremist Iran leadership and its proxies have terrorized the middle east for over fifty years now! Their political manipulations and cowardly behavior have been the sources of annoyance and distraction not only for Israel but for the entire civilized world.

The time is now to declare full war on Iran, and let their leaders know your days are numbered, your regime will never be controlled by radical elements again, the people of Iran, which many of which are against their radical leaders, need to be supported and Iran needs to be retaken by its just, fair, civilized and logical people who yearn for peace and desire no part in a demented culture of sanctified death and the devalue of life itself.

I know America might have doubts about trying to "colonize" another country.... But this is different. Firstly because America should not go about this alone but rather with Israel and it's allies, second, this is not a hunt for biochemical weapons or anything, this is similar to the fight against ISIS this is to clear the middle east of the virus now known as radical Islamic jihad and terrorism. This is a mission for civilization as we know it.

This toxic tolerance of this nascence known as terrorism should be behind humanity by now.

Instead of building flying cars, using AI to resolve the issues of mankind, creating free energy, development of freedom for all mankind, spiritual growth in the holy land of Israel by the children of Israel with the torah of Israel, and so much more, time and agein the world seems to be forced to focus on these Muslim extremists terrorists groups which are taking the attention, time, resources and energy from us all. This is a collective issue for all mankind and it is no surprise that millions of people including millions of Arabs support Israel in their work.

Israel needs a crushing victory over Iran, Gaza and Hezbollah for its survival, and if the allies think that another wave of softball sanctions is a option, they need to upgrade their time line.

We are not talking about "checking" Iran, we are talking about ENDING this terrible terrorist game from its draining distraction imposed on the whole of humanity, which suffers for no good reason and withholds us from developing further into its own redemption process.

America needs to either tell Israel, you be you and defend your people. Or quickly develop the end of terror as we know it. So that our children and grandchildren will grow up in a word void of this expression of madness.

With blessings for justice truth and peace.

Lead Sanhedrin Advisor

Rabbi Yosef Edery

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