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Rebbe of Chabad is really Moshiach, how would it play out?

If we take historical information, we can put together the chain of events that would have the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a of Chabad Lubavitch as King Moshiach in the holy land of Israel.

Firstly, the Rebbe would ask the Beis Din Rabbis in Brooklyn to allow him to leave to Israel in accordance with Jewish halacha law.

Because the Halacha states that a Rabbi cannot leave his students in exile, the Rabbis would need to convince a majority of the Chabad followers in Brooklyn to move to Israel with the Rebbe, once the Rabbis would let the Rebbe know that most of his followers and students have moved to the holy land, it would be permitted according to halacha jewish law for the Rebbe to accept the offer to move to Israel.

Once in Israel, the greats of the torah such as Rabbi Kaduri, the Baba Sali, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, and Rav Ovadia Yosef would greet the Rebbe in the holy land.

All religions political parties would humbly align under the "rebbe's party".

The "rebbe's party" would win the election and the rebbe would become prime Minister of Israel.

The rebbe would than begin to restructure the way power is transferred in the holy land, making Israel a monarchy according to the torah.

The Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a would order the establishment of the Sanhedrin Advisory and Justice boards.

The Sanhedrin would be a independent body from the monarch, which to climb its ranks one can do via brilliance in torah and exceptionally great social skills combined with Ahavat yisroel.

The Sanhedrin would check the rebbe and see if he is a Halacha true candidate to be king over Israel and would crown the rebbe as king.

The first thing the rebbe would do as king is institute the 7 laws of noah on all mankind in the holy land.

The rebbe would than demand that every sub culture group on the holy land soil needs to educate its children the 7 laws of Noah.

Next the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a would declare war on all and any enemies of the Jewish people in the holy land.

The rebbe would reclaim the temple mount and cleanse the land of any educational organizations teaching hate on the Jewish people or acting on said education.

Once the situation in Israel returns to a secure and stable position, the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a would begin work on the third Temple in Jerusalem.

The Sanhedrin would be right by the Kings side advising him how to eradicate Amalek and how to build the third temple.

Once the third temple in Jerusalem is built, the Sanhedrin would begin Kiddush Hachodesh, the new calculation of the Jewish calendar, with the assistance of technology, the Sanhedrin would update the new month and upcoming holidays to the children of Israel. You could expect to see mountain tops lit up every new month all across the holy land.

The Kohanim and Levviim would start to train for their new roles in the temple.

Every yeshiva would use the last 4 years of the yeshiva system to direct students to learn and develop their skills in one of the following practices, Kohanim in their services,

Leviim in their song, judges of the Sanhedrin, advisors of the Sanhedrin.

the military academy of the king moshiach and so on.

The Sanhedrin would have a lot of work ahead of them going through every single mitsvah and seeing how to "activate" it.

This would take some time, but eventually all the children of Israel would be able to serve Hashem and fulfill all 613 commandments and not just the 87 mitsvos we fulfill now.

The Beis hamikdash:

Smells of cooked meat fill the air as more of the children of Israel enter and bring their sacrifices,

music fills the air from the leviim playing and singing.

The smell of the Ktores from the golden alter in the holy section of the temple fills the air with a combination of spices that has never been done since the second temple times.

The Sanhedrin and advisors assist in marital and family issues and people receive justice according to the torah and leave with smiles on their faces.

World leaders climb the temple mount to bow before hashem, followed by cows and sheep to offer to hashem. World leaders sit with the king of Israel, the Sanhedrin judges and advisors to resolve global injustices and to understand the wisdom of the torah.

The economy turns from debt paper to gold and silver in accordance with Jewish halacha law so that the Machatsis Hashekel can be fulfilled once again as well as other Torah related commandments.

Within a short time, curruption is destroyed in the economy and Israel becomes the richest place in the world.

As usual they envy of many, but this time the Sanhedrin broadcast to the entire world daily in 70 languages, telling all the nations their place in Hashem's plan,

jealousy turns to interest and education, many people from the nations identify as ultra Orthodox Noahides and being to reap the benefits of their alliance with the children of Israel.

The Sanhedrin put out a comprehensive plan for the mamzer club to "control their breeding habits" and reenter the holy society of family purity.

Work contracts paid in gold and silver are coordinated globally from the holy land worldwide, and many nations join in trade with the children of Israel.

Finally after years of misplacement of the children of Israel, and misunderstanding by the nations of the world, the purpose of the children of Israel is seen as what it was always supposed to be, a light unto the nations.

in todays day of course we believe that the top Rabbis of the Sanhedrin Should Be Rabbi Dov Lior Shlit"a and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlit"a and Israeli Defense Minister Mr. Itamar Ben Gvir Will Be International Defense Minister of Israel.

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"The Sanhedrin would check the rebbe and see if he is a Halacha true candidate to be king over Israel and would crown the rebbe as king." Where's Eliyahu and the anointing of the king?

Replying to

we discuss the facts as they play out על פי טבע and על פי הלכה as far as the return of Eliyahu this element is connected to the supernatural. the anointing of the king according to the rambam is done via the 70 elders (Sanhedrin) and a prophet (not necessarily Eliyahu).


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