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NOW Do you still believe?

By Dr Brain Trappler M.D.

I would be interested in how Lubavitcher Hasidim would speculate the Rebbe's position today on this matter.

Photo: Jewish leader of our generation, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneorson King Moshiach Shlit"a.

Traditionally we draw from the Rebbe's Statements made in Sichos, letters, and on line to individuals receiving dollars. But we may very well be entering a new era in the United States. To simplify and focus the discussion, let us presume that only Moshiach can save us. And His arrival will transform the entire globe through Redemption. So that would alter the emphasis to "where to be during the final birth-pangs of Moshiach's arrival. Current events (more familiar to those who get their information from alternative media), would suggest that the War of Gog and Magog is not one pitting one country or religion against another, but rather an attempt by a relative handful of elite billionaires and politicians to disenfranchise, control and shrink the world population.

In photos: Jews being forcefully rounded up in Nazi Germany, as well as more recently in Israel 2020 attempted to be justified under the pretense of protection from the virus...

Their common values and goals can be determined by their observable actions (which follow their doctrine etched into the Georgian Stones, which cynically contradict the value-system conveyed by the Tablets given to Moses).

Photo: The Georgia Guide-stones.

If COVID-19 was a significant milestone to establish and control One World Order, what we can anticipate emerging from this global crisis would include: Putting the collective group psyche into a state of fright.

Further weakening the target population though social distancing, existential confusion, and financial duress.

The Orthodox Jewish Community is particularly vulnerable since the Mandates by their own physicians and religious leaders is to dismantle those religious rituals which require a forum of Ten Men. Without a minyan - and the ensuing inability to say Kaddish, hear the weekly Torah recital, and dozens of other communal rituals weakens the community both spiritually and psychologically.

Establishing a One World Order is accomplished by removing religion, a sense of Nation Status, the removal of borders, swelling the ranks of displaced persons (such as through civil wars), and elevating the status of illegal aliens (which, de-facto is akin to social redistribution which weakens sense of social identity).

The second sweeping measure to accomplish One World Order is to create a biographic data - base.

Surveillance and the sharing of personal information between existing platforms has already accomplished that.

The next big step in that (the one being pushed by Bill Gates), is that of integrating immune status, beginning with COVID-19, then expanding to include immunity against all infectious disease, similar to that devised by the New York DOH to gain entry to schools and yeshivas.

The current "Medical Registry" was used at the insistence of community physicians and incentivized by huge bonuses from the Pharmaceutical Companies and under the duress of City Officials to achieve virtual total compliance to the yeshivas' admission policies.

This illustrated to those at the top of the hierarchy that the Orthodox Communities could seems to be controlled by adherence to orders and edicts generated by the Artificial Intelligence built into a digital database.

To illustrate how removed this system is from clinical reality is that A.I. doesn't discriminate between Measles and Tetanus or Hepatitis B, despite the fact that children neither transmit Tetanus or Hepatitis B (except through blood transfusions or promiscuity). But in the digital world they're equally effective in having children expelled from Yeshiva.

Soon this will soon apply to COVID-19. Come 2021 or 2022 the entire population will face the painful dilemma of mandated Corona Vaccine or unemployment.

But this is just the first step.

When the elites (who don't vaccinate their children) have a Universal Bio-metric Data - Base, non-compliance will constitute a "public threat" and will be deleted from the grid. That's what the Central Government of China has to - date curtailed the commercial and financial activities of 12 million of their citizens deemed as "dissidents" because of their low "Social Credit Scores".

Returning to the subject of how the New World Order will impact our religious freedoms (which have already curtailed the freedoms of children disenfranchised from attending Yeshiva for failing to meet the requirements of the Medical Registry, despite being perfectly healthy): Look forward to this being expanded to all Democratic States, and to include adults as well.

With regards to Israel: Historically it's government has always wanted to emulate it's big-brother, America.

So if our final war is one for religious survival, are we really that much safer in Israel ?

We ask questions, this is the lesson of Pesach, if we want to be free, ask. What is this night different from all the other nights? Why is Pharaoh making new decrees? Do the sisters Shifra and Pua need to kill the children because they were told to? Keep asking. Never settle.

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