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MNG: America & Israel should cooperate more for safety of civilians.

Yes America and Israel need to resolve their differences and continue to operate their common interests. But how? There are some new developments that seem complex, let's dive in.

President Joe Biden seems to be in a personal political dilemma, he wants the Arab votes in America, and values the votes of even of the most radical Arab elements in America that seem to be backing the Hamas agenda in the war in Israel.

Of course the college protests sponsored by nation disrupter George soros and other sketchy parties, seems to also be putting pressure on Joe Biden to "give" the morally and ethically bankrupt Arab terrorist endorsers some kind of seemingly visible "victory".

Meanwhile in America, It seems that pressure has bared fruit, as Joe Biden started talking about not sending more military aid to Israel or at least that's what he's "saying" let's hope that it is what he needs to say politically and that beyond that, he's actually assisting Israel.

This proxy of the Muslim world bent on the destruction of Israel in Gaza is nothing the state of Israel can allow to exist, there's no 2 ways about it.

So the question is, how can Joe Biden do the right thing now? And not ruin his political situation at the same time?

So Firstly, Joe Biden seems to miss the point that MOST Americans are voting for Trump, his economy is trash, the amount of wars America has been in is unreasonable, and there seems to be almost nothing Joe Biden was Strong enough on. Besides just one thing...

In the beginning of the war, Joe Biden showed his strong support of Israel, for many, this support for Israel is the first thing that he addressed correctly, and is what saved a bit of his popularity.

The millions of Christians in the United States as well as the many Indians and Italians and many other supporters of Israel were happy to see Joe Biden Stand with Israel.

These are the same people who have a lot of power come election day, if Joe Biden would want to appeal to them, he should be strong in his support of Israel now as well. And it's clear that they have a much better voting power than the radical Arab terrorist supporters there might be in the US.

Regarding the protests on college campuses, It goes without saying that it would be an embarrassment if a few protests in colleges from kids who have no real world experience or understanding, would be enough to change America's stand with Israel.

Another point is that China and Russia are looking closely at the relationship of Israel and America, if America creates a vacuum, they will no doubt begin working to fill that vacuum, in regards to supplying Israel with weapons and technology, which might be a issue in the long term for America.

The most obvious point is, just like any chef can tell you that a sharp knife is safer than a bland one, so too,

if Israel has the correct and latest weapons as America should give them, this will allow Israel to target only the terrorists and not the civilians, however if America withholds precision weapons from Israel, Israel will have no choice but to use blunt missiles with much less accuracy and more civilians will inevitably be harmed.

It's important to note that, unlike in the Ukraine war, in the war in Israel, any "talk" of a agreement with Hamas via Egypt or others, is a waste of time, as hamas and their supporters are not anywhere close to being realistic in their demands, they are not interested in giving back all the hostages, they still want to "hold some give some" and they are not committing to giving them back alive, not are they cooperating with the red cross and other humanitarian groups to officially answer to Israel and the world on the exact number of, and the wellbeing of the hostages as of now.

Also Hamas is not interested in surrender, they don't understand that they are done, what they did is unforgivable, they are still talking about Israel leaving Gaza, due to this it is clear there will be no ceasefire until the last of the hostages is rescued and the last of hamas is killed.

Joe Biden can continue to support Israel in the war against the terrorists, while also recovering sympathy from the arab population by bringing a boatload or plane of Arab refugees to the united states from Gaza and going to welcome them.

In England there are "no go zones" of Arab extremists, if Joe Biden doesn't get tougher on terrorism and their sympathizers, America will be down that path sooner than later, Joe Biden needs to be resilient against any radical ideas and not reward violence with weakness.

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