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Israel & Gaza, A failed "Peace" experiment I SAW Coming.

Updated: May 24

Gush Katif was on the southwestern edge of the Gaza Strip, bordered on the southwest by Rafah and the Egyptian border, on the east by Khan Yunis, on the northeast by Deir el-Balah, and on the west and northwest by the Mediterranean Sea.

Homes alongside a sand dune in Neve Dekalim

Gush Katif was home to a Bustling Jewish Community of some 10 to 15 thousand Jews, it was a economic powerhouse as well, Gush Katif exported lettuce planted without touching soil, with no bugs at all, it was exported as well out of israel, as well as other greenhouse vegetables.

Map of the Gaza Strip in May 2005, a few months before the Israeli withdrawal. Gush Katif was the blue-shaded region in the southwest.

the jewish town was used by the Israeli police, army and other factions of the government to put a pulse on the local Arab population to make sure no radical education or terror activity, the Jews living there had hunting dogs, weapons and grit, the local Arabs feared and respected them, there was no issues as far as terror in the entire Gaza area in the merit of this jewish community.

Enter the Non Religious Jews in Israel - they took political power and blackmailed than prime minister ariel Sharon to forcefully throw all those thousands of jews out of their homes to "make way for peace with the Arabs"..... ever since then, Gaza, Hamas and the entire area has become a thorn and a problem for the people of Israel. the left was wrong the experiment failed, its clear today that those Arabs saw the jews leaving as a victory and a reason to once again try and manifest their dream of killing all the jews in the holy land.

You See, the entire area was never "land of the Arabs" it was all part of Israel, the Israeli Left gave it to the Arabs (without permission from all the Jews in Israel) as a Barter on one Condition: "Peace", and the Arabs failed to hold their side of the bargain,

the fact that "land for peace" is a hoax, has come to an irreversible Boiling point on October 7th this year of 2024 atop years of shelling and horrible attacks.

The left in Israel should hang their heads in shame before the right wing and ask forgiveness for all the blood spilled because of their silly "Peace" experiment. this includes the Right wing Jews who did not do enough to stop the expulsion of the Jew from Gush Katif.

And i think that the resettlement of a large Jewish community in Gush Katif is a great way to stabilize this area once again. and to restore security not only to the area, but to all of israel and the world.

Step 2: IDF should plan every detail of "the day after" in Gaza.

The goal: totally control Gaza and it's population in every aspect, those willing to assist the IDF in building the new jewish settlement in Gaza can do so and receive pay and education for their children. Those who continue to work with Hamas will be considered militant combatants and dealt as enemies of the state of Israel.

So, once Hamas is crushed and not a viable player in Gaza, perhaps the best next thing is for the IDF to fill the roles Hamas was fulfilling which includes paying collaborators to manage and control Gaza.

The IDF should be able to give out funds to the locals which are interested in furthering the agenda and goals of the IDF in Gaza, be that orderly distribution and accounting of foods and services to the population, ratting out Hamas members for investigation by Israel. Surveillance throughout Gaza and more.

Hamas was paying people about 70 shekel for all kinds of sketchy work, being that building tunnels or joining their military in one capacity or another.

The IDF needs to see how to put Gaza to work building homes firstly for a new JEWISH settlement smack in the middle of Gaza.

The IDF can make it clear that those who are interested can join the work.

There needs to be a educational program for children set up in Gaza under the administration of the Rabbis in the IDF, supervising the learning materials and making sure it is not radical and is in line with the jewish values of the torah.

Those who cooperate with Israel will be able to send their kids to study in these schools...

Things the IDF need to control in Gaza:

Food management and distribution.

Work opportunities for the locals.

Education opportunities for the children monitored against radicalization.

A trusted banking system for the locals.

Worker visas for those cooperating with Israel or cleared as non involved with Hamas.

I hope the main takeaway from this is what the rebbe of Chabad always told his Chasidim, and this applies today to Gaza as well, that there must be detailed organization and planning in regards to the structure of the government in Gaza on the day after.

Israel needs to monitor the education, work and social life in Gaza only like this can it guarantee that Gaza will not be an issue for Israel in the near future.

There is another point which is important, many Arabs in Gaza right now want to leave, all countries putting pressure on israel to not kill civilians should be forced by the UN to accept 10,000 Arab Refugees at minimum. this will save their lives and take them out of harms way.

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