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Hashem's kindness the result of peace in the Holy Land and the need for truth and justice

Mr. Ariel van Kessel of Beit Yisroel International shares his thoughts on the current war in Israel and the need for the Sanhedrin Establishment today.

So long as The Holy Land of Eretz Yisrael is not under full Ultra Orthodox Halachik, JEWISH sovereignty and all terrorists are not eradicated in and around the region, Eretz Yisrael will remain incompletely liberated.

As part of moving into this new reality we should immediately begin to initiate discussions about a new governmental system.

While voting is a crucial element, we propose the establishment of a new high court system, consisting of a Sanhedrin, both the Great Sanhedrin and smaller Sanhedrins, to uphold Jewish Law throughout Eretz Yisrael.

The war is upon us in the Holy Land... The profound suffering caused by terrorism compels us to cry out to Hashem, acknowledging our shortcomings.

Hashem's beauty lies in responding to our cries with an indescribable love and kindness, the foundation of His desire for creation in the first place.

This war is a battle between Evil and Hashem's Righteousness.

Embracing Chesed, the core of creation, equates to embracing Hashem's Righteousness—the only true victory in this war.

As Am Yisrael grows in this pursuit, reaching the level of righteousness that allows our Levites and Cohanim to carry the Ark of the Covenant.

Approaching the Ark without full embrace of Hashem's Righteousness leads to uncleanness and death.

However, when Am Yisrael fully embraces Hashem's Righteousness, And How He dwells among His people, than His voice is heard from above the Ark.

Full embrace of Hashem's Righteousness, justice and truth, enables us to open our eyes and be part of the selection of 70 righteous judges to govern the Great Sanhedrin.

This process might share similarities with the actual service at the Ark of the Covenant.

We seem to have reached the time prophesied by Yeshayahu in chapter 11:

(my rough translation and summary)

In that era...evil will cease... and the knowledge of Hashem will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

The banner of Yishai will draw the nations of the world to seek Him, and His rest will be esteemed.

On that day, Hashem will recover the remnant of His scattered people from the various lands, and a banner will be raised to gather the exiles of Israel.

Ephraim's envy will turn aside, and unity will prevail. Together, they will overcome adversaries and bring about a period of peace.

Hashem's power will manifest in drying up the Sea of Egypt and parting the Euphrates River.

A highway will be established for the remnant of His people, akin to the Exodus from Egypt.

This prophetic vision outlines a future where righteousness triumphs, and Hashem's glory prevails.

Let's hope and pray for Am Yisrael to understand:

There is no law other than Torah law.

There is no King, other than Hashem and the Melech we need to appoint according to Torah law.

There is no Justice in the world other than the Sanhedrin Establishment.

There is no Government center other than the 3rd Beis Hamikdash in the holy city of Yerushalayim.

There is no Peace unless it is done in the ways of the Torah.

For further clarification Rabbi Yosef Edery added the following:

1. **Foundation of Justice and Truth:** Justice and truth serve as the foundational pillars of a just society. Before kindness and peace can prevail, there must be a solid foundation of justice and truth to ensure fairness and honesty in all dealings.

2. **Resolution of Conflicts:** Justice and truth often expose conflicts, grievances, or injustices that need resolution. Once these issues are addressed through the pursuit of justice and truth, kindness can then be extended to heal wounds and foster a peaceful coexistence.

3. **Establishing Equitable Systems:** Justice and truth are essential in establishing equitable systems and structures. It is only when these systems are in place that kindness and peace can flourish sustainably. Unjust and dishonest systems create an environment where kindness and peace struggle to take root.

4. **Cultivating Trust:** Trust is a crucial element in the progression from justice and truth to kindness and peace. By demonstrating a commitment to justice and truth, individuals and societies build trust. This trust forms the basis for acts of kindness and the establishment of lasting peace.

5. **Transformation and Healing:** Justice and truth often lead to personal and societal transformation. People need to undergo this transformative process before genuine kindness can be extended, fostering a sense of unity and paving the way for lasting peace. Healing from past injustices and acknowledging the truth are crucial steps in this progression.

In summary, justice and truth lay the groundwork for a society to address conflicts, establish equitable systems, cultivate trust, and undergo transformative processes. Only then can acts of kindness and the attainment of true peace become sustainable and meaningful.

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Absolutely. Thank you for these definitions.


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