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Gaza will be full of Jews and empty of Palestinians.

Rabbi Yehuda Chayak of the Sanhedrin initiative Judges and running for Cheif Rabbi of Israel was invited to the knesset and joined the "settlement of Gaza by Israel" conference, Rabbi chayak started with a verse from psalms "I am for peace and so I speak, (but) they are for war" putting emphasis that with terrorists we do not negotiate.

"firstly, we must destroy and have total obliteration of hamas and it's leadership, such a group should not exist, Palestinian war refugees must be offered options to escape the war zone, Israel IDF military control over Gaza must be enforced, and lastly, with the assistance of the nations and allies of Israel settle the entire Gaza strip with Israeli citizens, this is the only way to have safety and security in the holy land".

Rabbi Yosef Edery and Rabbi Yehuda Chayak spoke with countless political leaders, influential people and security personnel and gave blessing and advice including explaining the importance of the Sanhedrin initiative and its role in justice in Israel.

All in all the visit to the knesset was a great success. Here is a video of Rabbi Chayak's closing remarks:

For more information on the Sanhedrin initiative please join us at

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