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From Israel To Dubai The Torah & Redemption Is Heard.

Currently out of Dubai Mr. Ash Allen Has Now Hosted Rabbi Yosef Edery in the golan Heights a Second time to discuss the war in Israel, the Jewish community and their coping with the war, and really trying to understand where the Jewish people in the holy land are going with the redemption process, and their preparations for the arrival of Moshiach.

due to the delicate political climate, their 1st Video went viral, was taken off of certain countries from viewing due to the nature of the topic.

that being said, truly building these bridges of understanding are what will be left after the dust settles, peace lasts, friendships continue, when all those who want to fight finally tire, it will be those who kept a cool head, which will lead the world tomorrow.

here is the full video of Mr. Ash and Rabbi Yosef.

and stay tuned for the upcoming episode to be released very soon :)

Ad: This Purim make sure you get your bottle because Hashem has great Miracles planned for the children of Israel!

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