By vote - Jews pray in synagogue once again

Here in Israel, Many Jewish Congregations were ordered to pray outside to "obey socialist Distancing" Shuls (Synagogues) where lift empty -

the true question is: if i don't have corona, how can i give it to you?" and "who do you fear more? g-d or the cursed government?"

in recent weeks - it seems the Israeli government is falling under the Common Sense pressure of the masses, and is starting to run back some of the crazy laws that have been strangulating the people for the last year or so...

this past week members of a Jewish Congregation voted by raise of hand to see if they would like to pray inside, as it seems the weather is getting rainy and cold in the coming weeks (what's summer?).

note: this group don't care for masks that much in the first place...

the majority voted to pray inside, thus that's what's happening.

the schools have returned to semi normal - other than masks all classes are back - the mask laws are supposed to be lifted or minimized in the coming days.

lets hope the people keep pushing against this attempt at our freedoms and let's hope we taste the good old normal once again.

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