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blood, fire and smoke

from the Arab community at large i expected more than just a slideshow of kids crying from "both sides".

in regards to what happened. on shabbat, on Simchat Torah Jewish holiday.

Hamas terrorists murdered, raped, killed, kidnapped, men women, children, in a deliberate terror attack done by Hamas and other people coming from Gaza, upon israel citizens (jews and non jews alike), horrors the world has not seen in modern times - and the world should never forget.

but i come back and ask myself - why is this shown as a 2 sided thing???

everyone saw - or should of already seen the dead bodies and kidnapped women and kids paraded in Gaza to the delight of the locals,

Burnt bodies to a crisp, body parts, beheaded, raped women, there is no justification for these acts.

whoever does not think it's true is welcome to come to israel and see for themselves.

hey, this time it's not a joke, this is the battle of good and evil of all time.

liars cheaters scum, horrible inhumane on one side.

and israel. just wanting to study, pray, live and work, in peace.

all else in this "debate" is stupidity.

i know some arabas are part of "the community" or perhaps you want to "get the views" but bro, not like this.

P.S. many Arabs have shown support of the Jewish People and Israel, many of which are serving in the IDF and police as we speak, but it's really important that those of you outside israel know, what happened here, will be unforgivable and will lead to the expulsion of any Arab that wants to kill jews "as a joke".

The Bible tells us why Ishmael was sent away - its was for trying to kill Yitschak.

nothing new said king Shlomo.

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