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Abu Dhabi Welcomes First Synagogue in 100 Years

Atlanta Jewish Times Broke this story:

firstly mazal tov, i am happy for this step - and truly hope that the leading rabbi of this shul will be a chabad rabbi who is wise in torah and follows halacha,

This will surly create a kiddush hashem in his relations with the locals as he represents the Jewish people to the Jewish, Muslim and other locals in the area.

of course it is important the shul move forward in accordance with the 7 laws of Noach, and also gain and implement the same respect the king of Morocco gave the Jewish rabbis, by giving them their own police to enforce halacha in the Jewish community.

This position in Dubai is similar to the Sanhedrin judges and advisors which need to speak 70 languages and be well versed in the torah and in all the ways of the nations, to assist all in justice and in resolving issues via the wisdom of torah.

the "Sanhedrin initiative" is currently a great structure that can advise those in charge of this shul on how to bring real Yiddishe frumkeit to Dubai,

This is extremely important for the furtherance of the Geulah/Redemption process and the Jewish people globally should not be happy with anything less.

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