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#1 Understanding Anti Semitism: Ishmael's Children.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Many variants of hate exist among different groups of people throughout the Torah, providing examples of "hate" and "jealousy" that we still encounter today. Today, let's focus on Ishmael, the father of Islam, and his relationship with the children of Israel.

To illustrate, when a doctor performs surgery, they must selectively remove only the unhealthy part of the body, avoiding harm to the healthy components. Similarly, in our time, understanding the nuances of "antisemitism" is crucial for effective navigation.

We encounter hatred from radical Muslims, self-hating Jews, historical animosity from the Kingdom of Rome/Edom/Esau, and the "erev rav," Egyptians who joined the children of Israel but faltered in their commitment, leading to the worship of the Golden Calf when Moses delayed on Mount Sinai.

Now, let's explore different types of jealousy, starting with a jealousy between brothers:

**1. Ishmael, Father of Islam, and Brother of Yitzchak:**

According to the Torah, Abraham and Sarah faced infertility for many years. During this time, Hagar, a daughter of the king of Egypt, became a servant in Abraham's tent. Seeing the difficulty Sarah had in bearing children, she suggested that Abraham marry Hagar to have a child. Consequently, Ishmael, meaning "for God has heard my prayer," was born.

Abraham was pleased with Ishmael, teaching him the ways of hospitality and kindness. However, God later commanded Abraham to establish a covenant through circumcision, including Ishmael at the age of 13.

During the circumcision, God intervened to alleviate Abraham's pain, and three guests visited. One foretold that Sarah would have a child, which seemed implausible given their advanced age. Nonetheless, Sarah miraculously gave birth to Isaac.

Jealousy arose as Ishmael, who had been Abraham's favored child, now had a brother receiving attention from Sarah.

Ishmael, growing resentful, played games that endangered Isaac's life.

While Abraham was blinded by love, Sarah recognized the danger and insisted that Hagar and Ishmael be sent away.

Abraham, guided by God, reluctantly sent Hagar and Ishmael away, reflecting the first instance of jealousy between Ishmael and Yitzhak. This narrative echoes the contemporary struggles between the children of Israel and the children of Ishmael in the Holy Land.

To conclude, Hagar was a servant of Avraham, serving under his wife Sarah, according to the Torah Law: "any child or possessions a slave/servant take into his possession, is owned by his master". Thus, Hagar is property of Avraham, so too her son Ishmael, so too any land or other possessions Ishmael might acquire. And once Ishmael attempts to murder his brother Yitschak, he losses the few rights he had as a slave (just like today, no matter who you are, if you go and attempt to murder others, your life is forfit).

Likewise, according to the Torah today, legally, when Hamas terrorists - son's of Ishmael, did their evil murderus deeds on October 7th, they lost all rights, even as slaves. Currently they are legally at the mercy of the children of Israel alone.

Here I explain it in a video:

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19. Nov. 2023

Ba'al HaTurim in the Chumash on Chayai Sara, 25L18 speaks about the fall of Ishmael brings Moshiah Ben Yoseph. BH

Gefällt mir

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