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Why Would King David Sing?

Depresssion has a back story, but can be heald as fast as it showed up!

There is story told from generation to generation in chasidic families, of 2 chasidik Rabbis that ended up in a russian jail, they were sad about their situation and decided to pray,

but as they got ready to put on their talis and tefilin,

the guards put a "toilet" bucket in the center of the cell,

now, according to jewish law, one cannot pray in a bathroom, or in a place with a foul smell,

so their plans to pray were now halted,

for a moment they were now even more sad than their being locked up in the first place,

but than they sat to asses the situation, they said to one another,

"if it is the will of hashem, that this bucket be placed in the middle of our room, this means that this is the will of the creator!"

"and if it is the will of the creator, than it is good! let's compose a song of praise to hashem in thanks for giving us the insight to witness his perfect world!"

and so the 2 rabbis started to dance around the bucket in the center of the room, and composed and sang a song of praise which must of been something like this:

"thank you hashem, for your wonderful world,

thank you hashem for the this bucket in the room,

thank you hashem, for everything you do,

and for giving us a chance to sing praise to you!"

as they were just using the Yiddish languege (and not the holy languege - hebrew) to sing the song, and doing so in regualr clothing, it is not "legal" praying in judasim, and is therefore permitted in all enviorments.

they sang and danced naturally creating a exitment in their cell, the jew hating non jewish gaurds came by and tried to understnad what all the noise was about, all they saw was the 2 rabbis dancing around the bucket, so they said "this is whats making you happy? we are taking it away!" and took out the bucket from their cell.

this of course changed the situation and the rabbis could now pray!

so the rabbis took out their talis and tefilin to pray and meditate on hashems greatness.

so, if we feel sad, we should take a moment to stop, and understand that Hashem's world is perfect!

compose a song of praise to hashem for giving us a expirience beyond our understanding to witness, give thanks for the good we do see in our lives!

thank you hashem for a home! a bed! food and water! thank you hashem for my freinds and family! thank you hashem for my options in my life! and thank you hashem for all the good he has given us!

like this king david uplifted his spirits from all of the most seemingly horrible situations:

"a song of uplifting, i raise my eyes to the mountians, from were will my help arrive?

my help will arrive from Hashem creator of heavon and earth".

A "surviver" has many advantages, but he may lack a moment to reflect on his status in a deep and whole way, because he stops his personal status investigation once it passes the "surviver" quota.

but to live a healthy psychological and mentally healthy life, one needs more than to survive, to build the redemption, one needs to thrive! and the mindset to build a garden is not the same as the mindset of building a cave.

Today, the population is growing out of CONTROL,

now, with all honesty, many in said population really like freedom and are happy to be out of (goverment/survailence/babysitting) control,

now, for many in the western world alliance, there are 2 general options:

1. is to go the "china rout" which is total lockdown of freedom "for your protection" or

2. the way of the sanhderin freedom under g-d self responsability, free choice, self governance and so on.

which camp do you want to join?

are you ready for the unpredictable land of g-d with freedom and choice?

or do you want the security of other human beings doing the thinking for you?

(in essence asking this question is not apliciable to all, becouse to answer it correctly, one must have a rational mind which is a bias towards said free choice and freedom).

The third option is a world of "freedom" without Hashem, similer to our day, like the wild west, but due to it's historically proven unstable structure, i did not include the "wild west" with no g-d or a "fake" religion leading it to it's demise.

may we all be able to see the good in our life, and never allow the "great waters" (worries of finances) to extinguish the love we have for Hashem.

On behalf of the sanhedrin advisory board, and our supporters, we wish you all well in your service of hashem, in your personal redemption as well as your work in the general redemtion of all mankind.

and we hope to see you soon in the holy land :)

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