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the war is real the news is fake

Shalom friends of the night,

Today we had the honor of distributing our delicious popcorn to our soldiers with our best friend Yosef Edery.

The soldiers were deployed today to protect us here in Israel from the evil Hamas.

(not sharing too many details of location, troop numbers and so on, for security purposes )

The war is real, but the information is fake.

Today our convoy of Sanhedrin Advisors and volunteers headed out from the Nation of Ephraim & Sanhedrin Initiative Golan Embassy for this important task to bring Joy, Torah, and of course fresh hot popcorn to the soldiers.

Sanhedrin Advisor Mr. Moshe Cohen's son joined us tonight and was able to distribute the popcorn to the soldiers wearing his Pringles T-shirt swagged out with a fresh new pair of Tsitsis.

We all had a lot of fun and the hungry warriors were able to get through the night with our popcorn.

We hope that through our action we can do our part to end the war in Justice, Truth & Only than Peace.

and are looking forward to a "great film" by Hashem with a good ending, and we will be eating popcorn with the soldiers all through these miraculous times.

The Nation of Ephraim and our Jewish friends want to work closely together in the future and enjoy many great Shabbat's with wonderful Jin tonic and whiskey celebrating creation itself with the creator.

Furthermore, we intend and strive together with Ephraim Media Truth, that our Zion Centered approach to become the largest company in the world serving hashem via the Torah under Jewish Rabbinical supervision.

We hope that Elon Musk and Marc Zuckerberg can join us in making this world a better place in accordance with the torah - as most social media censorship offices are in Germany, in a city called Harsewinkel which during the corona, united states elections and other moments have promoted fake news and attempted to shut down the truth, this of course must stop, the truth being out there, including means to arrive at the truth which includes discussion and conversation is what deescalates real violence, only when voices are shut, is the violence the only option.

As we move on to the winter clock and Gaza onto the sand time, we wish everyone a wonderful time, for peace and prosperity for all peoples.

Shalom from the embassy in Kazrin.

Juri, Alex, Yosef, Patrick & Christian.

Thank you to Christian Schmitt for writing the first draft of this article.

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