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The Nation Of Ephraim: Regards From Berlin Germany

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Friday: Alex and Patrick, representatives of the nation of Ephraim arrived in Israel to support the Jewish people in the redemption efforts, speaking about issues of antisemitism in Germany till this day. and leaving the idolatry elements of Christianity as part of the journey for truth.

I (rabbi Yosef Edery) accepted the temple coins Silver from the nation of Ephraim to be put to use in the creation of the redemption of Israel (establishment of the Sanhedrin, crowning a king and building the temple) likewise I am happy to give a commitment to teach torah via the "torah club" media program from the nation of Ephraim so as to be able to give them the highest quality of torah study available today for those who seek understanding and the truth.

they call themselves Efis or members of the nation of Ephraim.

in my understanding it's because:

1. their leader has taken the name Ephraim.

2. They are allies to the Jewish people and are not connected to Christianity.

3. Some of them are interested in converting to Judaism.

4. They identify with different mentions of Ephraim in the torah. As far as tracing their DNA back to the lost tribes in general or to Ephraim in particular, that is yet to be confirmed.

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