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The Establishment of the Sanhedrin

As our Sanhedrin Initiative Scouting Mission Campaign successfully moves into stage 2 we'd like to take a moment to thank the Nation of Ephraim Honorable Ultra Orthodox Noahides and Jews who took part in this investment of mind body and soul for the sake of unity under Torah and Hashem.

To our supporters YOU ARE SPECIAL! In your quest for the TRUE MEANING OF CREATION you have proven to understand and RECOGNIZE hashem and his Torah, while people all over the world even within the Orthodox Jewish community, sit in bitter compliance with EXILE and it's toxic poisoning mindset you have ELAVATED yourself mind body and soul, with goodness and kindness, mercy and charity, blood sweat and tears, to support the Sanhedrin Initiative, arguably the most needed thing for the world today.

And for that I (Yosef Edery) am humbled and greatful to represent you all, like a lion for Hashem's honor in the halls of the knesset in Yerushalayim, on Mount Zion, with all the great Judges and Advisors and so on.

Now, a few words about what we are dealing with:

The establishment of the Sanhedrin in Israel is a complex issue that involves religious, cultural, historical, and political factors.

It would require careful consideration, dialogue, and collaboration among various stakeholders, including religious leaders, legal experts, government officials, and community members.

Any decision regarding the establishment of the Sanhedrin should be made through a democratic and transparent process, in accordance with the laws and regulations of Israel.

Now, we have stage 2.

With 2 new objectives:

The NOE Golan Embessy and The Sanhedrin and Unity Conference.

A few details about the benifits of the Nation Of Ephraim Golan Embessy:

  • The NOE will bring the Ephi card hardware and software technologies, to continue serving the Ephi Nation in a wide range of ways including the integrations with the gold and silver temple Coin trust services.

  • Ephraim Truth Media will transfer their computers and equipment from Germany and use the NOE Golan Embessy to further the redemption narrative from the holy land full time all year round.

  • The Ephi & Rabbi Zoom call Torah Restoration Series will finally be done from in the embassy in an orderly fashion in a professional studio setting.

A few details about the benifits of the Sanhedrin Establishment Study & Unity of The Nation of Ephraim Ultra Orthodox Noahides and the Jewish People conference on Mount Zion:

  • The legal signing between Joseph and Juda will take place in an act of Ahavat Chinam and unity as a prepatory act of the redemption process.

  • We will hear from the Honorable Kohanim, Leviim, Judges and Advisory Board and invite The Torah true political leaders to join us in education and to get the world exited about the ground work we are laying down for generations to come.

  • We will be fulfilling prophecy by doing this monumental action on the very seat of power of king David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem! walking distance from the place of the Beis Hamikdash and Mount Moriah!

  • This act will be to sanctify hashem's name in the world, and practically we hope will expose our Sanhedrin Initiative to many more potential Judges and Advisors so we can reach our 70 Judges and 70 Advisors mark.

So once again, thank you so much to our support team and we plan on doing much more very soon.

P. S. We will be sending out all the perks of the donors in the coming 2 weeks for both fundraisers as well as all Machatisis Hashekel contributions, as we close stage 1 thank you for your patience as we were overwhelmed with the Sanhedrin Initiative Scouting Mission Campaign.

Looking forward to seeing you soon on the holy mountains of Hashem in the holy land!

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