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tax is theft

a few words from a email i sent to a senator.

I do believe taxation is theft. even in the torah, we only talk about VOLUNTARY contributions, the whole system of tax worldwide is illegal, funds bloodshed, and is not with authority of the high Sanhedrin court in Jerusalem, thus i say, the military industrial "oiled" war machine America has become, is a horrible system that needs hashem fast. it seems that it will fail. unless it adopts ultra orthodox jewish values and gets rid of the Babylonian Sodom and Amorah way of life....

respectfully senator,

the Jews running from hashem are an embarrassment to the jewish people and the world.

we don't need "privacy" from our governments, we need governments to protect and serve, my life and billions of people globally was ruined due to non-productive, lethal negligence, hazardous laws and bogus protocols being dysfunctionally enforced, my parents are still fighting in court since i was 13 over a bloody divorce - not only did the police, judges and all government agencies involve not resolve anything, they enabled the complete destruction of my family unit - the system leeches and benefits off of the suffering of others, it's only hope is to make the torah/bible the law of the universe u.s.a. and that interpretation and implementation of said torah law should be handed to the orthodox jewish Sanhedrin which sits in Jerusalem, israel.

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