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Sanhedrin update

as we are in the month of Menachm Av, and the fast of the 9th of Av is upon us, a time to think, a time to reflect, to remember why the temple was destoryed, of course the main and known reason was "hate without a reason"baseless hate, other reasons include transgessing the 3 negative commanments in the torah of Adultery, Bloodshed & idol Worship, as well as a lack of respect for the scholars of the torah, and also a lack of the Rabbis giving guidance to the people as well.

these are all things we should be thinking about during these days of mourning of the jewish people.

In the "days of moshiach" which the rebbe tells us already have begun, the "days of mourning will trun into days of joy" once we take the lessons we need to understand from those days and turn them into positive resolutions, and manifest in this world the redemption.

Baruch Hashem, we (the Jewish and Ultra Orthodox Noahide communities) have been hard at work putting together the Judges and advisors of the sanhedrin to make the first step of the redeption process a reality.

the 4 conferences we already had are like the 4 cups of redemption in the pesach seder.

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Nur gemeinsam sind wir stark !


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