Police; What you got wrong about them

Saying police are like trash collectors would be an offence to the trash collectors.

they are not what the Sanhedrin or fighters of justice used to be or will be - they are not the Levites in the temple - today's police are just a group of scum - that "do jobs other people don't want to do" like chasing naked people or picking up dead bodies... (or raping women who lost their way or stealing money from random people on charges of made up laws that don't make sense)

They dress fancy like a whore dresses fancy -its not because that's their social status - but rather its because the rich and powerful dress them like that because the police are their playthings.

what they do is LESS honorable than the people taking out the trash, they protect no moral. they SHOULD be dressed in black, head to toe, with a face covering with 2 holes for the eyes.

That is the true costume.

I'm sure you as a human want better. Currently, the police need to be treated with no respect and no interaction, like not approaching a lion, there is no negotiation with terrorists. blood thirsty - stealing raping kidnapping demons.

They need to be avoided and never used.

we need to offer the community the "services" they offer - but do it better, we need to dry out the poison well.

Like we see Rome falling - so too will the era of cops.

Want to know how to really serve justice? how the world SHOULD be?

CLICK LINK (Sanhedrin Services) BELOW:

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