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MNG: People in Israel expect faster action from Galant & Bibi in Rafa

It is what it is, for now, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and General Yoav Galant currently are the people responsible for the eradication of Hamas and securing the entire Gaza as a place free of radical terrorism.

However, many in Israel are looking closely at these 2 people and expect to see them prove their current legitimacy in their roles, as they are the same "leaders" who seemed to have missed the opportunity to prevent the attacks of October 7th....

The distrust by the populace in Israel can be seen in different ways, one example is the "Tsav 9" group of civilians who are preventing supply from reaching Gaza "no supply to Gaza via Israel until all the hostages are returned".

Similar to Our Sanhedrin Initiative which is also a response to the inadequately functioning court systems in the holy land. Likewise There are many different groups in Israel and worldwide all filling in the shortcomings of the current state of Israel.

Its not out of hate or resentment, nor is it from a place to struggle control from, but rather, good people trying to make the world a functioning place and unfortunately to do so one must be dissalusioned, which cannot be said about all those who are in the political and military high command of Israel.

It's obvious to most that this "mistake" of a attack was not a mistake at all, and that this was a calculated decision made by a rotten cell within the Israeli government at the explicit expense of the victims of death torture rape and all the horrible things the world was witness to, here is a new line up of evidence of hundreds of soldiers on October 7th that deliberately did not receive weapons to save their fellow people in dire distress.

To the Israeli citizens, Its truly hard to understand why hamas still exists today, no one in Israel would bat an eye if the entire Gaza was sent back to the "day of creation" as the attack of October 7th still stands as unforgivable.

Why is there still oxygen in the tunnels?

Why is there gas and food going in to Gaza?

Why is hamas still a thing?

Why is Rafa still not fully overrun?

Why is Israeli flags and military provisional government permanently set up in every city in Gaza?

Why are all the hostages not home already?

Why has a new jewish settlement not yet been officially announced in Gaza Yet?

Why has new parts of Gaza not been open to the Israeli public yet?

Why does the Israeli government not give all the people/families in Israel financial support (like during covid) to assist them in these dire times when most commercial business in Israel are not at full potential right now due to the war?

Its clear that the attitude was totally horrible the day the war started and that there was gross negligence by the same leadership now in power, in another country the government would be overthrown the next day exactly for such a mess up.

On the bright side, thank Hashem, for the most part, daily life in the holy land is back to normal, schools and shops are functioning.

But the people of Israel truly need extremely aggressive leadership now, this portion of Israeli history will not be accomplished by weak leaders or delusional political ideas, if Bibi and Galant want to stay, they better prove they have steel in their back bone and they are ready to take Gaza and give it as a gift to the people of Israel on a silver platter.

Only than will the parents of our fallen soldiers see some justification and healing for the sacrifice of their children,

only than will the parents of all the hostages and the hostages themselves, have comfort and healing.

May a new light shine on Zion and may the Torah come forth from Jerusalem.

May all Jews come back to their father in heaven which misses them so much, may all of Israel add in torah, prayer and charity for the ultimate and complete redemption manifesting before our very eyes, may we merit to see the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin Today, the crowning of a king over Israel, the eradication of Amalek, and the building of the third temple in Jerusalem, amen.

P. S. Here's a Short Film we made the other day, enjoy.

How would you like to see Israel?

  • 0%Monarchy, via a Ultra Orthodox Jewish King

  • 0%The current secular State is fine

  • 0%Other.

Another point is that political leaders such as the beloved Moshe Feiglin and Yitschak Brik seem to most to be more suited to join the war cabinet then Gants for example, the clarity with which these people think would truly be life saving and it is beyond me why they are not invited to join the government more ofter to bolster the victory over Gaza.

Here is a example of the clear thinking of Moshe Feiglin as he explains the situation today.

One of the most important factors that devide the delusional from the realistic people is their understanding and acceptance of the reality of the Israeli Jewish and Arab cultures, the reality can be summed up below:

Without understanding the nature of the issues, no solution can truly be viable.

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