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Is there anyone innocent in Gaza?

The modern western style of approaching a issue does not work in the middle east.

The only victory Israel had (not counting cease fires or other "pushing off" of the terror "to the next round") was in the beginning of the state of Israel, when they fought in the communist way "crush the enemy and bring him to their knees".

Wars of appeasement doesn't work in the holy land.

There is only 2 kinds of people in Gaza, terrorists today or terrorists tomorrow, the rest are just "the terrorists factory".

95% of the economy in Gaza is families who raise one member to be a "Shahid" and the rest of the family gets money for the rest of their life.

This is similar to the human sacrifice ways of the devil worship properly known as "passing through fire to the moloch".

This is why in the holy temple we had "animal sacrifice" as a way of reminding us as humans to NEVER SACRIFICE OUR OWN.

GAZA is a plantation of terrorism, there's a "harvest of terrorist" every so often. They are supplied with funding from all the enemies of the jewish people and Hamas only let's them have money if they "give them a Shahid".

In their twisted eyes they are "better" than Israel because they have "more kills" ON THEIR SIDE.

They are a culture of death. The solution to any issue is killing and death.

if you got a unjustified parking ticket, do you shoot up the police station?

The "solution" hamas "offers" to their people IS ONLY "shooting up the police station" I.E. Israel.

Imagine trying to talk a terrorist out of doing a suicide mission by saying "think about your wife and kids" and he says "but my wife and kids don't want me to return! They all want me to die as a" shahid" so they can get money!"

That's what we are dealing with.

The Arab nations understand this, and that is why THE OPEN SECRET IS THAT NOBODY WANTS THE PEOPLE OF GAZA. the city is in the category of Sdom and Amora, with not enough righteous people to give merit to save it.

Today there will need to be the crushing of terrorism and the respect of the Jewish faith. These are the 2 sides of the same coin, "those who come to kill you arise to kill them" and only in this way can you "love your neighbor as yourself". Because "those who are merciful to the aggressors, are aggressive to the merciful".

The hearts and minds of kings are in the hands of Hashem, let's hope all the leaders of the nations from all over the world each take responsibility for crushing terrorism in Israel and the world and on the nations that support Israel today it says" it is a tree of life to those who hold it, and it's supportes are satisfied and happy".

Click the picture below to support our efforts and stand with ISRAEL in their war on terrorism!

Did Hamas act in accordance with the Quran?

  • 0%Yes, and they are doing what Muhammed would do.

  • 0%No, their conduct is prohibited by Islam & they are to blame

  • 0%Other (write in comments)

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