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Is judgment a way to serve Hashem?

The concept of geulah has many elements, the rebbe and the alter rebbe strived not to "break" the world, but rather gently guide the world into the geulah, the "force check mate" way, never was seen as bearing fruit, the jewish people's weakness was always also their strength, ביישנים רחמנים גומלי חסדים, the way of edom is ידיים ידי עשיו, and will never be the way of Avraham avinu as we say מגן אברהם, which comes before ANY way of avodas hashem, if you don't have a base which is chesed, you are lost.

Sorry for not having all the מקורות but my comment is based on chassidus and my life experience in 770 and so on.

If עולם הזה scares you, or you love it, or you are fazed by it in any way, or you think that anything that exist in the world is not perfect השגחה פרטית Than you don't believe in hashem correctly.

Everything is perfect including Imperfections, stop fighting hashem, start building the geulah.

That's just my Derech.

Some might have a lot of גבורה to contend with, and not in the assistance to perfect chesed, in uniform to give birth to תפארת ורחמים but rather They have embraced דין itself and the world in such a case אי אפשר להתקיים.

יעקב אש

יוסף להבה

עשיו לקש

Yaakov needs yosef

Yosef needs eisav.

AI: If BIBLE Heroes snapped selfies.

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