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Dear friend you are invited!

In the name of the over 23 judges and advisors of the Sanhedrin establishment initiative here in the holy land, we invite our Honorable freinds, scholars, supporters and reporters to the third Sanhedrin Establishment Conference in Israel and the first in Haifa.

We welcome our guests from around the world including from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Croatia and so on welcome in peace to the holy land!

In the last few days we have been discussing the greatest challenges in relation to the establishment of the Sanhedrin with our dear torah scholars and fellow advisors, and we are happy to have the blessings of our great torah scholars on the eve of the great Haifa Sanhedrin Establishment Conference.

We were especially happy to receive a blessing from Sanhedrin Judge Rabbi Tsvi Idan Shlit"a From the holy city of Yerushalayim.

Of course we discussed with Sanhedrin Advisory Board Member Mr Ulf on our weekly Ephi and Rabbi Torah Restoration Zoom call the preparations for the Haifa Event as well.

In the picture above, a stop for prayer with Sanhedrin Judge Rabbi Yehuda Chayak Shlit"a while displaying the "Tnaim" or Terms, For the Sanhedrin Judges and advisors starting with the "Shema Yisrael".

From the Jewish welcoming side our speakers are:

And from the Ultra Orthodox Noahides from around the world our speakers are:

Of course those who want to see how our earlier conference on mouth zion on pesach Sheni please see the article by our advisor Mr. Hannes.

As well as the video below from Ephraim Media Truth by our Sanhedrin Advisor Mr. Alexander.

Of course here would be the right place to mention one of our speakers from the Sanhedrin Advisory Board Mr. Patrick Pesach and his report on the recent developments in regards to the Sanhedrin initiative Scouting Mission, as he articulates in his article very nicely.

May hashem bless our work and may we join under Hashem and his Torah in unity in preparation and manifestation of the redemption process.


Yosef, advisor.

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