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Chaz was inevitable

Chaz represents the pinnacle of the 21st century, the fight for honesty, justice, and basic human dignity is something that has been lacking in the police - citizen relationship worldwide - now is just the inevitable retaliation of the laws of the universe.


growing up we expect police to protect us and be there for us when we need them.


they protect us? after a while we start to realize that - to each his own - is the rule 99% of the time. we see that the police cannot always help, moreover people abuse the police and use them to hurt other people, and the police dont mind.

will chaz offer a solution? not really.

becouse it is much harder than getting some weapons and putting up a parimiter, to create the framwork for a functional society.

but this is no doubt a symptom of a faild sytem, in the last few years and in recent months the world trembles with uncertanty, all over the world people scream "we just want to left alone".

the new Gen. is not exaclty exited to be part of some "assembly line" of sh*t for brains workers in some kind of globalist merry go around.

we want morals ethics - Hashem and his Torah.

the world is thirsty of Hashem. for truth. and it is up to the Jewish people to provide a torah based direction to the nations of the world.

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