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Breaking NEWS: Approx. 1/2 Million € worth in Gold & Silver For Israel - Stolen IN Germany!

In the middle of the night - in Colon, Germany - Temple Coin HQ was attacked and close to half a Million Euros worth in Gold & Silver was stolen.

for us Jews globally, and me in the Golan heights of Israel specifically, this was very surprising news as it might create delays in our orders being fulfilled from and being shipped globally and specifically to Israel to assist with the Religious Jewish and Torah Based redemption process.

from the experience we have, we know the Germans are the best in the world in craftsmanship and technologic tools & for us the quality of the final product is amazing especially from our friends at Temple Coin,

Temple coin now has the special Mission of Creating gold and silver Temple coins for israel for some time now.

Raw material from around the world is sent to the Temple Coin HQ in Germany for the creation of gold and silver Temple Coins. to fulfil prophecy, bring peace and blessings to all mankind.

And now we have a big problem with this issue of the robbery - yet we are sure and trust the Germán police and secret service do their best and will get to the bottom of this, we know the Germán government has the technology to get everything back.

With this we really wanted to thank and encourage all local and federal German Law Enforcement, including political leaders and human rights activists, for showing support to the Jewish community, and showing solidarity with the Jewish people in this troubling time.

this would be a great time to thank the German Government for protecting the Jewish People and raising Antisemitism awareness in the modern day.

Mr. Hannes gave us access and permission to publish some info from the Internal official Temple Coin Report of the robbery and we quote:


In the early morning hours of August 24, 2023, a burglary was carried out at the association headquarters of Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.v. and location of as trustee of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust at AlfredSchütte-Allee 130 in Cologne, Germany, and the commandment "Thou shalt not steal" was broken."

included in the report was pictures of the main safe that was stolen, and other pictures of the crime scene. it seems they dragged it out the balcony unto the yard outside the building complex as is evident by skid marks and damage evidence of the heist and struggle, smashed glass and a targeted attack seems to have taken place as other things in the home were untouched.

the report continues:

"The good news:

the Trust remains capable of action.

Even though the remaining stock of the 1st edition gold TempleCoin was completely stolen and the remaining stock of the 1st edition silver TempleCoin was almost completely stolen, the following trust products are secured for further sale.."

As we understand that the police will be investigating, we will not divulge other sensitive details as the police finishes their work in bringing back the stolen items.

as of now our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Hannes and his team at as we wait for the resolution of this story.

As A Rabbi from the holy land of Israel, we look forward to greeting all those who come to visit the holy land especially those joining us for our upcoming 5th Sanhedrin establishment conference in the holy city of Tveria.

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