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3rd of Tammuz Today.

The third of Tammuz in the Jewish calendar is a very sad day in modern Jewish history it is the day the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a as a human being seems to have left the chasidim. Or how they say it in the street, he passed away.

I read this new article published by the beis moshiach and will link it here:

I can say I agree that chasidim need to really think deep inside if they really want the rebbe or not, or even if they care about what the rebbe was trying even get done. Or to be part of the geulah process. Or are they just in the habit of "being a chosid" whatever that means....

Here are my first thoughts on the article:

This topic is important to address at length, if there is techiyas hamesim, and the rebbe and the freirdiker rebbe both return, the rebbe will say that the freirdiker rebbe should be moshiach.

This will up all the way to the baal shem tov, all the way to David all the way to moshe, Avraham, shem and ever, and Noach, all the way back to Adam.

That's why if we are going to bring moshiach, we need to understand the concept of how to move FORWARD in order to fix the PAST and not the other way around.

That's why the law of מינוי מלך needs to be understood as the Rambam explains it.

What I wanted to add is that we really need to think deeply about if we want the Redemption.

This means taking full responsibility for everything we do the Sanhedrin will be able to cast judgment on all of our wrongdoings we will need to be subject to the laws of a court that functions according to the Torah.

I (Rabbi Yosef Edery) As a Sanhedrin Initiative Advisor believe that all mankind should have immunity from the full weight of the torah justice system in the first 100 or so years after the Sanhedrin Is Officially Established,

the reason being that because the children of Israel are coming from 2,000 years of Exile and today we do not remember the last time the Sanhedrin was in session,

(below, some pictures of the recent Sanhedrin Establishment Initiative Scouting Mission includes Visiting political leaders and Jewish rabbis in connection with the Establishment of the #Sanhedrin today).

we are not used to fulfilling the Commandments of the Torah in the modern world correctly, only via custom and tradition in our local communities but never did we need to face a Torah based Court and have real consequences for our actions.

and we are just transitioning into the Redemption mindset and taking the Torah laws seriously,

therefore there needs to be a grace period of at least a hundred years from the moment the Sanhedrin is established officially to give time for Humanity to get used to acting, studying, educating themselves, about how to behave in a Torah world.

This includes the Forgiveness of debt of great Nations and countries and the deal should be brokered by the Sanhedrin advisors and judges and the reason we should be able to forgive the debts of the Nations is in connection with these nations transitioning to a Torah based noahide Jewish system of value.

So instead of the three great sins: adultery, idol worship and bloodshed, the sanhedrin will help countries transition to Torah Study, prayer and service of Hashem and acts of goodness and kindness and charity.

By changing the value system of their nations and economies, they will have the excuse, permission and assistance of the Sanhedrin, in safely taking them out of the Roman and Edom system and putting them back into the Torah under Hashem, under rabbinical supervision, ultra Orthodox Jewish system.

This changes their countries from what the Torah considers corrupted societies, into healthy societies reminiscent of the Imperial ages of King David and King Solomon.

As far as what is needed today it is very possible that in the resurrection of the Dead every great Rabbi and sage and leader of the Jewish people will want his leader to be the king moshiach, going back all the way to Adam the first human being if so we need to focus on what we are expected to do in preparing the world for the Redemption according to Jewish law therefore we need to put aside our grief our tears our sorrow our feelings of insignificance and defeat and we need to understand that we are the last generation of Exile and the first generation of redemption we have a mission given to us by the leader of the generation to greet prepare and accept the king Moshiach's Arrival.

The rambam Lays out three Commandments that the Jewish people need to do upon arriving in the Holy Land of Israel at the end of days which are today and he says that according to Jewish law we need to First Crown a king second eradicate amalek or those who want to kill the Jewish people for no logical reason thirdly we need to build the Third Temple on the Temple mount this will create Harmony not only for the Jewish people but also for the Christians the Muslims and for the entire world.

The rambam also tells us that we cannot Crown a king without a Jewish Court of 70 elders otherwise known as the Sanhedrin or the great assembly.

this is a precondition to crowning a king, building a temple or permission to go to war.

It is for this reason that the Sanhedrin Justice and advisory boards here on our website our focused on this step of establishing the justice system of the Sanhedrin in the Holy Land this is what we believe the rebbe would want us to be involved in today.

Of course it is clear from the rambam that these Commandments apply to Jews when they enter Israel.

so for my friends in Brooklyn in America and all over the world, we urge you to join us in the Holy Land.

bury your dead in the Holy Land, bring your rabbis and communities alive and those who passed to the Holy Land.

just as the Jews left Egypt carrying the remains of Yosef with them led by Moses.

so too all of us should join the Jewish people in the Holy Land.

Why? Because we need to get working on fulfilling the redemption prophecies for the sake of mankind,

we already see how the fabric of humanity is falling apart due to corruption, and G-d's children (the nations of the world) are running and trying to make the world better, in violation of the way the Torah tells us.

the Torah is a free choice system that recommends choosing life, G-d trusts the human being to make the right decision at the right time, and so should we,

the issue with many of the solutions of modern governments is that they take away the free choice of people in an attempt to make the world a better place.

the issue with this is that a human being is not meant to be docile, and any box you erect around him, he will tear down, if he is not in full agreement with what is happening around him.

therefore it is important to understand that the only solution today, to help mankind out of its own issues, is to teach them the Torah and to give them the wisdom, the morality, the ethics of the Bible, for them to choose Hashem as King on their own,

and to fulfill the Commandments such as do not kill, do not steal, from their own will, and not because they are forced, coerced or manipulated to do so, by external human forces.

May we be part of those returning the new light which has begun to shine on Mount Zion.


With blessings for us to open our eyes.

Yosef Edery

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What a time to be alive.

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