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Sanhedrin RSVP - A Call To Action

In the fullness of time, usually when we are at our worst (now?)

And with the immense ‘untapped’ benefit of the internet - as a unifying source to all.

And all things have lined up in accordance with the ‘vision’ of ‘the great Rebbe !!! ( his 120th Birthday this year) 2 American Federal holidays in his honor > but the best part. his student > the honorable Yosef Edery who has remained patient his entire life for this time.

A wonder-king with graphic design mastery, diplomacy, charity, honesty, entrepreneur, struggles, “Dave, son…picture me at 770 sleeping in a room with 30 plus other chosen males… omg.. stop it !!” yes.. world traveled, three languages, a devoted team and a lowly gentile.

His honor Josef Edery has had a vision and would like to include all aspiring to join together in unity and retrace the roots back to the beginning and just…> start over..

this is big.. look please and sign …even if you do not plan on attending, signatures needed..

simple support .

’type, click and you did your part!

the itinerary - signup is free (subject to adjustments) are as follows…

Sign Up Here:

it’s show time! ‘lions and lambs’ Rise!

Details Of Upcoming Event:

- The grand event in Jerusalem to establish the Sanhedrin (70 Jewish Scholars/Judges and a Advisory Team)


- Sanhedrin market (A Currency/Market/Exchange For All Mankind to use for trade and commerce)


- Ships of Tarshish (in gathering of the exiles) A cruise Liner Bringing People to Israel While All Along the Way Learning and Getting Personal Guidance From The Sanhedrin And the Advisory Team.


Points of interest:


- Sanhedrin availability to all mankind as a advisory trauma repellent safety net (Where Conventional Family, Religion and Government Fails).


- Collaboration with the Davidic dynasty organization (A Strong Emphasis on uniting with all organizations that are compatible with Redemption Goals).


- 120 years to the birth of the Rebbe! (this significant year should not be seen as “chance” great things are afoot and we should take advantage of the heavenly support we have).

What is the Sanhedrin?

Can i sign up to the Sanhedrin Market?

What is The Base Standard For The Sanhedrin Law System?

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